How to make the bedroom brighter and more mysterious: 5 simple ideas for stylish room decoration


We present you 5 simple and unique ideas for interior refreshment. With the coming of the New Year, even though there are still a few cold weeks ahead, the warm spring days are getting closer. Yes, and this is the perfect time to transform your rooms.

We will not talk about decisive steps in changing the location of the walls or installing new floors, but imagine the elementary decorative steps to transform your bedroom and give it a real spring freshness. We will reveal all the secrets from buying new bed linen, installing table lamps, and ending with small handmade crafts. Everything is for you! Enjoy .

Acquisition of new bed linen

Let's start with the bedding. In the end, they have the right to set the tone in your bedroom. Change the color scheme and patterns can give a whole new look to the room! For lovers of soothing colors, we offer a variant of cotton in the color of a storm of sea waves from West Elm:

And there is something fascinating in the snow-white bed linen from CB2. It is woven of a soft cotton cloth with a light fine pattern and trimmed with ribbons. Even if you like solid colors, you can always fill them up or refresh yourself with the purchase of several bright pillows!

If you like to "play" with safe shades or are accustomed already to last year's tones, then it is possible that the bedding presented by Jonathan Adler will please you. Gio Duvet Cover – amazingly emphasizes your taste.

The last presented model is able to be bold and at the same time soothing eyes! Designed by Shannon Clark for DENY, this soft duvet cover from Urban Outfitters will make you plunge into the world of fantasies and dreams.

More light

Are you upset, looking at your bored lights on the ceiling? This year is meant for bold decisions and decorations! Try changing your annoying lamp to a brighter one, with a fraction of the chic from Suite 102!

There are many ways to instantly make a style in the room, for example, changing the ceiling or lamp. Also on the Internet you can find many online tutorials on how to install this particular thing yourself (for example, variants from Lowe's are presented). But if you doubt your abilities – it is better to hire a professional who will safely carry out this work.

Many rooms in addition to one hanging chandelier are equipped with a pair of wall lights over each cabinet. One of the options is presented below – fabulous globular lamps from Abode Interiors.

Buying a new carpet

Just like the updated bed linen, the carpet can transform your room, adding fresh shades to it. When choosing a palace, remember to remember the details of your bedding. Otherwise it can lead to a tasteless collision of colors and motifs. The West Elm wool floor material shown below perfectly complements the blankets and duvet covers.

There is nothing thinner than the Marque Chindi carpet presented by CB2. He is the "living" color coordinator in the room, while not concentrating on himself excessive attention.

Pay attention to the photo below. Perhaps in the bedroom it is difficult to find a place for a small rug that would cover most of the floor. In this case, you can use the services of small narrow fabric coverings. Carpet Andes Wool from West Elm is available in various sizes and colors:

Use of unique pedestals

One of the most important subjects in the bedroom are the nightstands. Being at the bed, they provide convenience for placing on them books, flowers or a soothing cup of tea before bed. The acquisition of new unique furniture, or even small tables, can be quite expensive. If you have time, why not save a few bills and not show your creativity? We present a delightful spiked stump made with our own hands.

Enjoy the next fairy-tale hand-made work from A Beautiful Mess! These pedestals of brass are endowed with inspiration from the popular designer Jonathan Adler. They are ideal for rooms decorated in retro style.

Another simple and updated piece of furniture. It is very easy and simple to change any furniture, rummaging in the backyard and finding a jar of paint. Moreover, having shown imagination, it is possible to make such a beautiful dressing table from the bedside table!

Decorate the room with a mirror

The last step in improving your interior is the mirror! It will be able to provide the bedroom with a new look, reflecting the light and creating the illusion of space. To make a bold accent, try using mirror-based mirror glass from Mikel Irastorza Interior Designers & Decorators.

On the other hand, a small mirror is capable of the same effect as the bulk. Especially if you place it above the bed. The following product in the form of the sun is placed at the head of the bed.

Sometimes, the more – the better, when it comes to this piece of decor. A group of mirrors is an excellent way to add a reflective effect to the interior. Hang, for example, a trio in a pink frame from DKOR Interiors Inc.

Also, there are options for placing reflective glass on the entire wall. Below is a photo with a chic bedroom, the kind of which intercepts the spirit.

Well, are ready to brightly and brightly transform your room? Then stay with us! We will continue to delight our readers with the unique novelties of 2014.

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