How to give a modern look to the kitchen? Revision of the outdated interior


Kitchen photo before repair

How to give a modern look to the kitchen? Blaine asked this question soon after moving to his new apartment. He did not like the old L-shaped form of the kitchen set and its dark color. He asked the designers to make the space more bright and bright, change the shape of the kitchen to something more comfortable and functional and add an island with a table top.

After the works the interior was transformed beyond recognition. There were few changes, but they turned out to be so significant that they produced a strong effect. The kitchen has become much lighter and more modern. Thanks to the island with a huge table top, the cooking space has increased, and additional storage space has appeared.

Also, for the convenience of moving from the living room to the kitchen, the right wall was demolished, and the location of the refrigerator changed.

Kitchen after repair

At first Blaine wanted to choose a kitchen set from IKEA, but after finding similar furniture from Home Depot, he preferred the latter: bright, varnished upper cabinets contrasting with the lower gray color modules.

Quartz marble countertop is practical and does not require special care. The door of the corner cabinet opens in the original way, folding in the middle.

New kitchen modules. Opening mechanism of the corner door of the cabinet

The new island provides not only the ability to store inside a huge number of necessary things. With him, there were additional seats and a niche for the microwave oven.

This central work area in the kitchen turned out not only very functional, but also stylish.

Island with lots of places for storage

Blaine found his contractors on the site This is an online resource, created for communication of those who wish to update their homes, with professionals in the field of design and construction.

The owner of this kitchen was very pleased with the result of the work done. And what kind of interior would you prefer for yourself: the one that was before the repair, or the new option? Write about your opinion in the comments.

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