How to equip the living room in a stylish and modern way


The living room is one of the central places in the house or apartment. This is a family recreation area and a reception room. As a rule, it is here that the tastes and financial opportunities of homeowners are reflected. There are a lot of options for arranging the living room, the range of functionality is also wide and allows you to embody various stylistic techniques.

Taste, style and comfort, these are the main criteria of the modern living room. All elements of the interior must harmoniously fit into the space and simultaneously combine it.

Today zoning is a popular solution. Such a breakdown of the interior can be effectively realized by contrasting the decoration of the walls, and also with the help of light. In the reception area, the lighting should be more active than in the recreation area, where there is enough floor lamp or sconce.

The design of the living room, like any other room, is largely determined by the decoration of the walls. They can be pasted with wallpaper, including design, imitating fabric, cane and other natural materials. Or made with the use of Venetian plaster or art painting, allowing to achieve exclusivity in the interior.

Since this is a residential building where the whole family spends most of the time, the materials for wall finishing should be absolutely safe, do not absorb foreign smells and do not collect dust.

If the area of ​​the living room is not large, the decoration of the walls should not be too bright and contain large elements. In this case, quiet tones that create an atmosphere of warmth and freshness are more acceptable. About how to visually increase the room you can read here.

For the living room floor, a natural wooden covering is ideal, which has not only a presentable appearance and perfectly preserves heat, but also does not require special care. Not a bad alternative can be a laminate, which is more economical than natural parquet, but has not so long service life and does not tolerate prolonged contact with water.

No living room can do without furniture. The main thing is not to overdo it, the space between objects should be at least 80 see. A sofa and chairs and a coffee table (rest zone) are better positioned along the longest wall, this will visually reduce space, make it more cozy. But the dining area should occupy at least 5 square. m, it is better if it will be located at the opposite wall from the entrance.

If the area of ​​the living room does not allow you to recreate a full-fledged guest area, you can use the sliding sets of furniture, and arrange it if necessary.

Modern style involves an abundance of plastic and glass. Here, sliding partitions and unusual accessories are appropriate. Ethnic interiors are also popular today, which gravitate towards bright colors, are saturated with national souvenirs and trinkets. But for small living rooms, urban style is most appropriate, practical, with comfortable modern furniture and bright decorative accents. The choice of interior, depends largely on the height of the ceilings and the size of the room, and of course from personal preferences of the owners of housing.

To give the living room an atmosphere of warmth will help a variety of textiles. It can be used in decoration of walls, as well as introduced into the interior in the form of carpets, blankets and pillows. And fill it with comfort and sophistication of various small things: figurines, flower compositions, paintings and candlesticks.

Always fashionable and versatile will be the classic style in the design of the living room. This is a light color scheme, solid wood furniture, textiles and finishing with brass or bronze.

The living room is a place where balance and harmony reign. Its interior should be connected with the rest of the premises, complementing the individuality of the entire residential area. This room, in the interior of which you can show the most daring imaginations and implement bold ideas.

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