How to disguise the refrigerator in the kitchen: the solutions of famous designers


The publication on how to disguise the refrigerator in the kitchen is prepared especially for those of our readers who are going to spend a lot of money to repair the premises, purchase a new headset and household appliances. The refrigerator is one of the largest elements of any kitchen interior. And that this impressive device does not distract attention from new furniture for the kitchen, consider the possibility of its full stylistic integration into the situation.

We bring to your attention some original examples of the kitchen environment, where the refrigerator is part of the overall composition and does not come to the fore.

The refrigerator in this kitchen is particularly well hidden. Designers decided not only to camouflage the doors with wood, from which kitchen cabinets are made, but also to separate the appliance from the plasterboard niche from the general furniture ensemble. This kitchen looks not only practical, but festive.

The kitchen apron, lined with green lime tiles, light wood furniture, double wine cooler – everything works to create a modern, advanced environment. Of course, it is not necessary to hide the refrigerator in a niche – this is a feature of this particular unique interior.

Here the designer was able to introduce a refrigerator into the general composition of kitchen furniture in such a way that all attention is drawn to the details and materials of the finish. The cool color scheme of the interior is represented by dark wood cabinets, gray granite tiles of apron, glitter of stainless steel elements of technology and a mirror smooth surface of silvery countertops. A large refrigerator is hidden behind wooden panels. Even the pens are matched to the accessories of the kitchen set!

Another example of the original combination of color solutions is the reddish shades of cherry wood furniture and the light blue color of the vertical tile of the kitchen apron. And to fully enjoy this color could be, only hiding the refrigerator behind the wooden door trim.

A large and high refrigerator on one side is balanced by a kitchen cabinet of similar equipment on the other side of the working area. Thanks to the symmetry of sizes and shapes, this kitchen achieves balance and harmony.

An interesting idea of ​​the "camouflage" of the refrigerator is to make it look like it's built into the closet. Complex parts and multipanes in this symmetrical construction created the illusion of furniture, in which it is difficult to see the presence of a household appliance.

Despite the fact that the refrigerator in this kitchen is well hidden, it still became the focus of attention, but not as a household appliance, but as a bright, colorful piece of furniture. A dark tree covered with shiny varnish, echoes with the base of the kitchen island, harmoniously completing the contrast furniture ensemble of bright and light wood.

Many homeowners like the special expressiveness of the black and white modern kitchen interior. And, of course, a refrigerator with black panels will feel comfortable in such a company.

The fridge of dark color – the same shade as the kitchen cabinets – recedes into the background, and the center of attention is a wooden island with incredibly beautiful bar stools. The rather extravagant dark space looks festive thanks to the light surface of the island with a wooden base and bright upholstery of chairs – they soften the space, giving it a lot of personality.

In this spacious kitchen, the tree was used to disguise the refrigerator quite successfully, visually combining it with the suite. When the room is so actively used natural, natural material, the atmosphere becomes really warm and domestic.

This kitchen of small size needed a light color scheme to visually appear larger and more spacious. Of course, the easiest way would be to choose a simple white refrigerator. But the device hidden behind the light panels brings more luxury and individual charm to the interior of the room.

If your kitchen has a special decor element, such as a fireplace or a collection of bright dishes, to which you would like to draw attention, then do not distract it even on the refrigerator. Hide the technique behind light wooden panels so that it merges with the wall and highlights the brickwork or fine porcelain of the service.

As it is remarkable, when the refrigerator can be hidden behind the panel to identical facades of a kitchen set.

The refrigerator does not stand out and does not distract attention, but becomes part of the laconic and thoughtful kitchen interior.

Built-in, in a wooden cabinet, a refrigerator, can become one of the main design elements, while not showing signs of household appliances.

Probably, each of us got used to the fact that there is a huge white cabinet in the kitchen. Well, some owners choose models with metallic luster. But to create such a set, collecting all the kitchen appliances in the same tones as the lockers – this I have not seen. But I admit that it looks very, very stylish. I would gladly have embodied this idea in my apartment.

Interesting design solutions. For me most of all, of course, the idea with the "masking" of the refrigerator under the color of the interior of wooden furniture and all other household appliances is appropriate. All the options from the photos look great.

Symmetrical half of the kitchen cupboard, one of which is a refrigerator, is an excellent idea. In the second part you can install a freezer for stocks on a large family.

Thoughts to disguise the refrigerator never arose. The idea for small kitchens is excellent. I wonder if it's possible to turn the trick with disguise with the whole kitchen as a whole? Before the beach season, then?

Interesting. I really liked the refrigerator on the fifth photo. Elegant design! The very idea I really liked, I confess, before, and did not know that you can so disguise the familiar to all white or silver refrigerator in the kitchen).

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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