How to design household appliances in household appliances


When planning a new design, you will always encounter some limitations. For example, lack of free space. Of course, if the total area of ​​housing allows, the washing machine and other items that are not particularly important in the kitchen are better placed in a separate room. Then the kitchen will become a place dedicated to cooking and developing culinary skills.

Nevertheless, in most apartments the refrigerator, stove and other kitchen equipment are simply forced to adjoin to the washing machine. In this case, it is very skillful to hide her presence.

Beautiful wooden doors and the location with the edge of the room are designed to obscure the location of this completely non-kitchen appliances. Moreover, hiding unnecessary items, you can focus on the hob.

Plate as the heart of the kitchen

Visitors to kitchensinteriors still do not know that the right kitchen design begins with the layout of the oven location. When there is a need in several ovens, this approach is justified.

For practicing cooks or just amateur cooks – ovens, arranged in rows along the wall, are a great idea. Ideally, they will be close to each other, which will allow you to observe immediately after all the culinary processes.

Art of wooden parts

Once the location of the oven has become clear, you need to find the best place for a refrigerator and microwave oven. Why not put them next door? All these items of household appliances, surrounded by skilfully executed wooden lockers, look organically and holistically.

The cabinets serve as storage space for kitchen utensils, and the technique expands the space. To complement the interior, you can add chrome parts to the equipment.

Cooker hob

The traditional view of the kitchen assumes a prearranged location of the cooking zone. If you are an adherent of such an idea, then a plate, for example, recessed deep into the wall, is worth forgetting. Place the slab in the center of one of the walls and complete the image by hanging the hood over it. The worktop should then be on both sides. Complete the traditional image of a colorful spot of tiles laid out behind the cooking zone.

Chef's equipment

Small household appliances should not be left in a chaotic mess. If the project is based on the prevailing position of technology, a mess in the design is not permissible. You need to find the necessary niche for placing a mixer or kitchen scales in it.

If the size of the kitchen allows, you can enter a cabinet with different shelves and carefully place all the devices on them. On the one hand, it will be possible to systematize household appliances, on the other – to hide it from unnecessary attention.

Minimalist look

To simplify the design, you need to reduce the kit of kitchen utensils. The minimalist approach creates the illusion of space, the feeling that there are simply no extra items in the kitchen. Using false walls and special panels, you can gracefully hide the refrigerator, stove and other items.

If necessary, the location of household appliances is disclosed by expanding the walls. Designing a kitchen in a similar style, special attention should be paid to storage systems. They should not have noticeable pens, since they simply disrupt the illusion of tranquility that such an interior seeks.

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