How to decorate the interior of a children's room for girls of different ages


When Jeremy Smith of Smith Architects became the owner of this large house, which stood unchanged from the year 1960, he had to commit them to adapt the house to a family of five.

One of these updates was an extension to the house to create a new bedroom that Jeremy Smith presented to his daughter on 13 anniversary.

The fact is that he has two daughters of different ages who both wanted to have their own personal space.

As a designer, he, of course, bothered and updated not only the nursery. New design purchased kitchen, living room and corridors.

Inside the kitchen, he installed comfortable wooden shelves and an original table with a curved countertop.

Kitchen furniture made of dark wood slightly softens the industrial character of household appliances and stainless steel countertops.

In the living room, the seat by the window will make the atmosphere very homey and will be the best place for relaxation, reflection and future plans.

And here are two completely different bedrooms for girls of different ages. Nothing complicated and unusual, and most importantly, both are satisfied with the girls.

And this is a view from one bedroom to another

Here's how the room looks like for a younger girl from inside

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The presence in the family of children with a large age difference is not uncommon. What should be the design of the room for two girls of different ages? After all, they have such different interests and requests! It seems to me that the designers managed to find the right solution. Each of the sisters received a comfortable and functional room, corresponding to their wishes.

I do not think that the design of the room for two girls of different ages should be very different from if the girls were of the same age, it's still not gay. But it's better to use a neutral color for decoration, and every place for each child should be equipped separately.

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