How to decorate a nursery? Design and safety for your baby


The design of the children's room should not be expensive, complex or deliberately fabulous. There are many options for simple and at the same time practical solutions. It is in this period of expectation of a new life that it is important to prepare for your child a cheerful creative room, harmoniously combined with a common interior. Believe me, the child will appreciate all your love and efforts!

More time and freedom for the best design of the nursery

If possible, start planning the design of the children's room long before the birth of the baby. Thus, you will significantly reduce the amount of work already in the process of creating an interior for your child. A sufficient amount of free time allows you to more thoroughly and seriously approach the creation of a safe, maximally comfortable and cozy nursery. As for the decorative elements, here you can completely rely on your own style, taste and imagination.

Quite often, the desire to please a baby pushes parents to buy extra accessories. As practice shows, the lack of time and space dictates the conditions for further arrangement of the interior of the children's room. As a result, it turns out that most of the expensive and exclusive items do not fit into the overall design or they simply have nowhere to place. And only the composition of family photos can change something and inspire parents to new ideas.

Comfort and safety of children's interior

The only point where there is no place for saving is to ensure the safety of the child's corner. Of course, every parent wants only the best for his child. Meanwhile, the beauty and decor in the baby's room is an important, but not the main component of the interior. First of all – naturalness, quality and environmental safety of surrounding materials. And even children's spontaneity, playfulness and excessive activity should not stop you in acquiring high-quality household items. After all, loving parents devote more time to the child, and in case of any injuries and other curiosities, they do not think about the money spent at all.

As for toys and accessories, this is a completely different story. For a small non-attendance, it is enough to have a pair of soft teddy bears, a cute drawing on the wall, boards for the manifestation of the artistic principle and several bright decorative pads.

Do not be ashamed to receive from close friends or relatives, for example, a crib, a children's table or a locker, but subject to proper quality and absolute safety. It is better to save money for a future student or schoolgirl to instill a love for learning, good habits and manners so that later the child can easily achieve the goals and get a first-class education.

Designing a room

First, start with the measurements, which you can then take with you to the store. Carefully measure all distances where you plan to place children's furniture. Thus, you will always be "armed". And if you accidentally get lucky to meet interesting and unusual options, just a notebook with ready-made standards will be very handy.

Having located a cot near the entrance, you will feel more free in the children's room. And at night, when you wake up to comfort the baby, you can easily approach the crib without any obstacles. Do not put it near the window – where there may be drafts. It is also very undesirable that next to the bed there are curtains, curtains and other things in which the child can easily get confused. It's a great idea to put a comfortable rocking chair next to you for a good time reading a book or other fun activity while the baby is resting.

Take care that there is a soft diffused light in the nursery. Contrasting dense curtains will perfectly protect the child from bright sunlight, especially during daytime sleep.

Think carefully about the optimal number of shelves and shelving, which will be required to store children's toys. Please note that small non-gatherings accumulate a lot of any trinkets. But one way or another a child from the very childhood should be accustomed to cleanliness and order. It is important that the shelves were located away from the crib, because accidentally hurled things at best can be on the floor, at worst – to injure the baby.

Design Elements for Children

1. Local lighting. Decorative cute nightlights, sconces, lamps – a great idea when you need a dull soft light during a child's dream. But before buying these cute design items, make sure all the postings are working.

2. Decorative rug. Looking closely at elegant cute rugs, first think about security. Many of them can cause an allergy in the baby. Therefore, to begin with, find out which materials are ideal for a child's body. Alternatively, a hardwood floor with a removable mat that is easy to clean can be the best choice for a child's room.

3. Color palette and drawing. The color design of the nursery is a matter of your taste and personal preferences. Conservative parents, as a rule, choose neutral tones, such as beige, cream, white, pale green or gentle blue.

Admirers of art, creative personalities prefer exquisite artistic elements, cute drawings and bright murals on the walls in the nursery.

The kid's room of modern and trendy parents is often decorated in the style of minimalism or hi-tech with the use of different shapes, geometric lines, stripes and abstractions.

children's furniture

1. Crib. Perhaps, this is the most important element of children's furniture, and its choice should be approached with special responsibility. Form, style, finish and durability are the main factors to consider. Make sure that the cot rails are vertical so the child will have less chance of using them for climbing. Also make sure that they are located close enough to each other, to avoid child injury, when curious fidgeting can stick the handle between the slats.

2. Additional furniture. Selecting additional furniture, make sure that it is perfectly in harmony with the baby bed. Indispensable items are a comfortable chair, bedside table or table, a wall clock, if you plan to breastfeed your baby. It is very desirable that all furniture be located as close to the walls as possible. So, you not only provide free space for children's games, but also protect your child from unnecessary obstacles and injuries.

The final touches

Finishing elements of the arrangement of the nursery will be an elegant fresco, paintings for decoration, picturesque painting on one of the walls and various bedding.

Do not forget to add the necessary equipment: a baby monitor to know when your child is upset; A special device next to the changing table, which neutralizes unpleasant odors. Diapers, wet wipes, children's ointments, powders – everything should be at hand.

Useful Tips

1. If you have a large house with enough rooms, and you have a difficult choice of one of them for the nursery, give preference to the one that is closer to your bedroom. So, the child will always be under the supervision of the parents.

2. All purchased fabrics and materials must be washed with a special detergent for children's washing, in order to neutralize possible harmful substances.

3. As a precaution, use electrical outlets with plastic fuses.

4. Remember that new modern models of cribs produce under strict safety standards. Therefore, if you are using an old model, observe the precautions.

5. Decorating a children's room should be fun! Less dull flowers and boring drawings!

6. Keep in mind that some of the things can be of use to the child quite a short time. For example, a children's mobile phone will look very attractive, but, probably, the crumbs will soon be left without attention, so once again think about whether it is really worth buying such accessories.

7. Also think over the design of the ceiling. After all, little babies spend a lot of time in bed, mysteriously looking up somewhere.

8. And most importantly – instead of the standard use only organic materials and substances, so that your baby grows healthy, active and fun!

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