How to create an unforgettable and incredibly bright kitchen design? With the help of pink color


If you dream of finding a kitchen in a bright design, but still think that the décor of pink color is something inappropriate and provocative, get acquainted with the project presented in our article: it will force you to reconsider your opinion.

Recently we had the opportunity to admire the interior of a wonderful stylish kitchen, which made a very big impression on us because of its unusual and attractive design. The whole kitchen is made in white and pink.

The working area is decorated with bright pink mirror panels, and the wallpaper color, also white and pink, sets the overall tone and makes the atmosphere fresh and attractive. The dressing table is made of white stone, and on the floor is a light tile, so the room seems even bigger. And without that the rather large interior space of the room opens onto an open terrace.

The kitchen and the terrace are separated by huge, from the floor to the ceiling, glass doors. Thanks to this, on a fine clear day, the entire area of ​​the room will be flooded with bright sunlight. The room is spacious enough so that you can calmly prepare dinner and, feeling free and at ease, enjoy every minute of communication with each other. This kitchen has a dining area.

Near the doors to the terrace there is an unusual glass table for six people, around the table are colorful colorful chairs with high backs. You can cook some unusual dish, invite your friends to visit and treat them to a wonderful dinner in your spacious modern rosy cuisine.

Is it really, after looking at this wonderful idea, you still think that the pink color is too pretentious and does not suit you at all?

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