How to create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom or the right color schemes for your interior


It's no secret that the bedroom is designed for a full rest and a quiet, wholesome sleep, allowing you to restore your strength after an emotional and hard working day. It is in this room that you can abstract from reality and be alone with yourself. And, of course, this territory is only for you, so the entrance to it to strangers is limited.

Of course, the design of this room should create a calming, comfortable atmosphere, evoking pleasant memories of the best periods of life or giving the appropriate mood.

And since each person has his own vision of these aspects, the interiors can also differ significantly. For example, active people, full of enthusiasm, for a full rest need a soft bed and plenty of pillows; aesthetes will be able to gain strength in the environment of beautiful things, including high-quality designer textiles.

To some, on the contrary, the excess objects in the room and the splendor of the bedding can prevent a good night's sleep, so the best option for them will be minimalism, bordering on asceticism.

And, for sure, no one will deny that color schemes play a significant influence on creating a cozy and comfortable bedroom. According to the design tips, depending on the temperament and preferences, you can choose soothing and attractive blue shades, deep and mysterious dark green-blue tones, innocent whiteness or elegant gray colors.

This theme just offers you to evaluate several options for designing a bedroom using different color solutions, as well as the possibility of transforming the interiors by adding a few expressive strokes.

The power of blue tones in the design of the bedroom

I would like to start the review with a blue color, which, despite its simplicity, is multifaceted. After all, it is obtained by mixing white and blue hues, and, therefore, absorbs all the qualities inherent in each of them.

Have you noticed that the walls of educational institutions, offices and other institutions often have a similar color? And this is not accidental, because, firstly, it allows you to refresh the interior, visually make it more spacious and lighter, and, second, calms, tends to philosophical attitude to reality, reduces aggressiveness, stimulates emotional stability and attentiveness.

Also, many tips for apartment design are based on the fact that the blue tones help to establish harmony between the soul and the body, which allows you to control your condition and quickly find a calming emotional and physical balance.

It should also be noted that this color is often associated with nature and naturalness, and, therefore, almost any interior will look cozy even in the absence of decor.

A refreshing and soothing natural atmosphere, moved to the bedroom (the Zero Energy Design project)

With the help of various shades of blue, you can get even an exotic design that resembles a hot country. Look how cool and fresh the cold colors look in combination with images of palm branches, ships, marine inhabitants and paradise places of rest. Sensation of carelessness and tranquility the designers intensified with the help of picturesque paintings, original and bunch-like bananas of a lamp, as well as furniture made of spectacular wenge wood.

Tropical motifs in chic blue color (Lonny project)

Varying the intensity of the main color, in this case blue, you can get stunning visual effects. So, whitened tone, as if repeatedly exposed to the sun, wind and water, depending on the lighting and time of day can be looked both light gray and greenish, which, undoubtedly, enriches the interior.

And this changing beauty can be multiplied, according to the advice on interior design, by adding the appropriate palette to the bedroom in the form of curtains, blankets, furniture facades, paintings, etc., as was done, for example, in the modern bedroom of one of the houses in San Francisco.

Elegant bedroom with a delightful color scheme (project Virtual Imaging Real Estate Photography)

Making out the bedroom in blue tones, do not be afraid to use your favorite bright colors, such as red, orange, yellow. But in order not to lose the carefully created atmosphere of calm and bliss, it is recommended to add them in the form of accents.

In the project in the photo below you can see how the designers were able to organically combine a cold silver-blue palette with warm coral shades, introducing them with an elegant floral pattern of bed linens and slightly strengthening the brightness of the pillowcase and chair. At the same time the room became more lively and attractive.

Bright shades that add piquancy to the calm atmosphere of the bedroom (the West Elm project)

Many, probably, will want to say that soothing cold shades are too boring. Probably, this is true in the case of monotony of the design. But to avoid such an effect, you can enter bright strokes, as mentioned above in useful design tips, to diversify textures and patterns in decoration, add delicious details.

Is it possible to name a luxurious bedroom in which, against the background of the celestial blue walls, a delightful white snow-white canopy, author's lamps with bright bases, amazing roof constructions, dull? And is not the charming geometric pattern of the floor reminiscent of playful foamy sea waves?

Amazing tropical themes in the stunning bedroom design (the Lonny project)

The project presented below is simply impossible not to notice. This enchanting bedroom is distinguished not only by an incredible blue tint, from which even the air has been painted, but also a number of stunning strokes: chic Roman curtains, elegant bedside lamps, soft pink lush bouquets and, of course, a charming, carefree, optimistic floral panel.

As you can see, the designers did not hesitate to enter into the interior a lot of bright accents, but it was made so skillfully that the blue remained dominant and unifying all the variety of shades into a single inseparable whole.

A delightful colorful bedroom in a New York mansion (Anthony Baratta LLC project)

Easy touch of charming turquoise

One of the fashion trends of modern design can be called the application of bold blue-green shades. It should be noted that the color of the sea wave was incredibly popular in the 80-ies of the last century, and without it virtually no room was formed. A little later, interest in turquoise walls and details passed, but only in order to reborn with a new force in a few dozen years.

And what are these colors attracted by designers and their clients? Try at least mentally to change the blue or blue shades surrounding you to this spectacular color, and you, for sure, will find a way how to transform the interior in the future, giving it character and uniqueness.

Blue-green surfaces can look multifaceted: it's fresh, now bold, then elegant, then official. And the other tones on the background of turquoise are transformed, becoming timid or, conversely, defiant.

Touching tenderness of a snow-white blanket and knitted details, underlined by blue-green walls (the West Elm project)

And see how incredibly transformed the natural fragility and beauty of flowers. Their originally elegant yellow petals slightly changed the hue and were filled with confidence. And, of course, one can not help but notice how this union of natural tenderness and bold expressive background looks harmoniously.

Charming combination of turquoise walls and luxurious yellow flowers (photo provided by Ashley Taylor Home)

Despite the richness of the color, which can vary in a wide range from almost blue to deep green, designers still try to balance it with neutral shades.

And this technique almost always gives amazing results, as, for example, in a luxurious bedroom presented by Home Depot, in which contrasting white elements emphasized the majesty of the emerald color, the Pantone's Color trend in 2013.

Royal luxury turquoise-white bedroom

It should be noted that the depth and expressiveness of blue-green hues can adorn not only the interiors of serious rooms, but also children's rooms. In combination with toys, bright details and an atmosphere of carefree turquoise is filled with playfulness and liveliness and at the same time gives space to elegance and chic.

Exquisite beauty of shades in the wonderful children's bedroom (DIN Interiorismo project)

Refreshing elegance of neutral tones for bedroom decoration

Undoubted leaders among the shades, the most suitable for the design of the bedroom and the creation of a cozy interior, there are still neutral beige, cream and white colors.

This elegant palette is also an excellent background for any furniture and decor elements, and also blends well with other colors. Neutral gamma provides designers with ample opportunities in terms of applying different textures and materials, as all sorts of their combinations look luxurious and exquisite.

Look how delightfully looks the union of the leather headboard with a spectacular coach coupler, weightless curtains and glossy furniture surfaces. And the room is filled with light, freshness and a sense of independence and detachment from pressing problems.

White magnificence for a cozy stylish bedroom (project Lonny)

And now you can evaluate the attractiveness of the bedroom in the so-called hotel style. The creamy shade of the walls added to the interior of the warmth and emphasized the elegant vintage of the bronze chandelier and furniture forms, the stunning beauty of the bed frame and the upholstery of the chair. Staying in such a room, undoubtedly, promotes a full rest and relaxation.

The tranquility and luxury of an elegant room decorated in a hotel style (the Lonny project)

Noble shades, elegant bed with a canopy, exquisite paintings, decorating the walls, fresh flowers that find a response in the pattern of bed linen. Do I need to add anything else to create an impeccable bedroom? Probably not. After all, all this in the complex allowed to receive a clean, stunningly beautiful and competently equipped space for a luxurious life.

Fragile beauty and subtlety, imprinted in an exquisitely decorated space (the Lonny project)

And now let's look at the magic of the gray color. This amazing color can have both warm and cool tones, and also in a new way to sound in combination with other shades. Most home improvement advice recommends a palette for a balanced and stylish room. And designers often use it in the design of living rooms and rooms for rest and sleep.

And did you notice that depending on the color with which color is combined, will the mood of space also change? For example, bright shades of red, blue, orange, added in the form of separate strokes, will bring an element of surprise, but of extraordinary harmony; union with white allows creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere; black and gray tandem looks strictly and officially.

Relaxing atmosphere of the bedroom, decorated in warm gray tones (project Johnson & Associates Interior Design)

It should be noted that the elegance of gray color can be present in other shades. What can compare in beauty and originality with smoky blue, dusty pink, brown-gray, etc. tones?

Transfiguring in the light, moving from one color to another, products from such materials are associated with jewelry. Therefore, if you want to emphasize the status and luxury of your bedroom design, use a unique palette in the design that can be present in the elements of decoration or decor.

The power of gray color, spread to the walls and chic pillows (the West Elm project)

Laconic forms, a tranquil combination of white and gray colors, soft light – are the win-win components for an elegant and placid space. In such an environment it is good to dream, to make plans for the future and indulge in bliss.

Refined and calm gray-white palette in the interior of a modern bedroom (Becki Peckham project for The Uncommon Law)

The rules of a beautiful interior say that every detail in the space, from decoration to the shape of the fixtures, should work as much as possible on a person, that is, be functional and conform to his lifestyle, needs and taste. An example of this design can be the bedroom, shown in the photo below.

The uncommon design, challenging with its dark gray walls and curtains, the black lamp shade of the bedside lamp, the originality of the chandelier, the collection of paintings and a luxurious set of pillows, despite everything, is distinguished by its balance and harmony. In this small space, many delightful elements are concentrated, therefore, looking at this gorgeous splendor, it is impossible to restrain emotions and delight.

The impudence, elegance and style of a chic bedroom in gray tones (the Lonny project)

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