How to create a beautiful kitchen interior?


Of course, we all understand that the concept of beauty is relatively relative, and the tastes of all are completely different, and, in all areas, whether it is a matter of appearance or arrangement of the interior. For example, for someone the option of a beautiful kitchen is seen in the classical version with wooden rather massive furniture facades, with stained-glass windows and crystal lamps. And for someone does not need such a dizzying pomposity and a much nicer metal shine of modern style, where all lines are clear and strict. So, the taste, the color of a friend, as you know, no. And yet there are some general rules, observing which you can create not only a beautiful, but also a comfortable kitchen interior. Let us dwell on this in more detail.

What should be taken into account that the kitchen was beautiful and comfortable

The reality is that we spend most of our time in the kitchen, not only for cooking and cooking, but also for gatherings with family or friends, thus turning it into a dining room or even a living room.

Consequently, our task is to make it as comfortable as possible for ourselves and as beautiful and attractive as possible for the reception of guests. To do this, you need a competent approach in planning the space and choosing a style, if you want to create a creative workshop, but at the same time, a cozy home environment. And yet, it is very important to remember the functionality of the kitchen, namely, the preparation of food.

Accordingly, the necessary items of equipment and household appliances must be thought out in advance, even before the repair begins, because they need a permanent place. When planning, it is necessary to take into account the conclusions under the water and sewerage. If this apartment, they are already available, so the choice of options for the possible placement of furniture is very limited. However, in this regard, there is one very good rule of the triangle, providing for the placement of a plate, a sink and a refrigerator at the ends of an equilateral triangle, with, with a side not more than two and a half meters.

You should also pay attention to the area and shape of your kitchen. In the presence of niches, bay windows or pantry, they can be very advantageously beat. In addition, take into account the level of illumination of the room, on which side the windows of the kitchen go. The number of people living is also taken into account in order to determine the intensity and frequency of cooking and the number of people gathered at the same time at the table. If all these moments are well thought out and planned, it will save you from making mistakes, for example, with the choice of furniture or technology or with their arrangement.

Determine the style of the kitchen

In this issue, too, how many people, so many opinions. Well, if your preferences coincide with the rest of the family – the interior of a beautiful kitchen you create without problems. However, it is not uncommon for cases when there are disagreements in the notions of the beautiful. Although, and this is also not deadly, tk. a compromise is still possible. For example, using eclecticism in the interior – a mixture of styles, which is very popular today. The main thing about which you should not forget – every piece of interior, even if it is a minor accessory, must necessarily be combined with some other subject. Nothing should be accidental and single. And literally all the objects are tied together by a single color, shape and style is not absolutely necessary.

For example, you chose a classic style of cuisine, but at the same time, decided to put there a bright sofa in a modern style. In this case, it is necessary to support this sofa with something else, for example, curtains, chandelier or painting, which will be in the same style and color. Because the most beautiful is, above all, a harmonious cuisine. Of course, this is much easier if the whole kitchen is made in the same style. For example, if we talk about the classic, then it is most suitable for a spacious room, where there are high ceilings and window openings are extended in length. Usually the shape and binding of the windows is supported by glass inserts of the facades of hanging lockers. The technique in this case is best suited built-in, which will close the furniture facades. Otherwise, all items of technology should have the same color with no metallic luster.

If the room is small, but still light enough, then the Art Nouveau style will do just fine. This style is created for people who do not accept any excesses. Such a small but beautiful kitchen is perfectly suited for modern home appliances, which need not be hidden behind the facades, as well as unusual original lamps and fittings.

Country style or rustic is suitable for those who prefer inexpensive natural materials. It is quite appropriate to hang on the hooks pans and dishes, standing right on the open shelves, of course, everything should be clean and shiny. A decorated interior with textiles, for example, with pillows at the kitchen corner, simple short curtains and homespun striped mat.

If you are fans of hi-tech style, then in this interior, even pipes and cables are appropriate, which you can not only not hide, but also make them a decoration. In this interior, everything should shine: chrome surfaces of home appliances, glossy facades, glass countertops and dishes. It completely excludes both crystal pendants and curvaceous folds. There should not be any tree here either. Furniture facades are usually made of MDF, covered with glossy enamel, or from ordinary plastic.

The kitchen should be comfortable and cozy

Regardless of the chosen style, your kitchen, first of all, should be as comfortable and cozy as possible, because it will be in you, first of all, for you, and not for your guests, who will appear only periodically. Therefore, nobody but yourself should not listen, as it is not worth following the fashion blindly. Just remember and try to follow simple rules:

  • Do not try to create one in one to recreate the seen picture in a magazine or on the Internet, remember that it is beautiful to renovate and decorate the room – it's not all, in order to create a cosiness, you have to take an individual participation and invest your soul, then the interior will be -the present comfortable;

  • observe the measure for decor, remember that too many decorative plates or figurines require careful care to keep them clean, otherwise what kind of coziness can be talked about;
  • Do not clutter the space, especially in the eating area, which should look lighter than the working one;
  • lighting is better to use zoned, by embedding small lamps, or using the same in form, but different in size chandeliers

And the last thing – do not be afraid to implement your ideas and fantasies. Remember that creating an interior of a beautiful kitchen is comparable to successive drawing on a blank sheet of the desired image.

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