How to correctly design the interior of a children's room for two children – practical tips for designers


The best solution for arranging furniture in a compact room

In this article, dear participants and guests of the Interiors Rooms Portal, we want to tell you what ideas should be guided in creating an interior for several children.

Consider the option where the children are pogodki or same-sex (two boys or two girls).

The painting of the dwelling will be in the same color scheme, and it can be zoned using racks or pedestals.

In the bedroom, several cots, folding sofas or bunk furniture are used.

Children should feel comfortable in their shelter, so provide them with the same number of boxes and an individual place for everyone.

Orange-yellow palette in a room for two kids

If children of different ages or gay, then the design of the room will be more fanciful and complex. Of the many examples, we will only present a few.

In the room you can use the domino principle, in which the mirror is divided by the situation and color.

Sleeping places are located on opposite sides of the room, and leave the middle for general games.

Multicolored soft mats in a large room

Beds with two tiers – a great idea for the interior of a dwelling for a couple of kids.

These furnishings take up little space and give each young resident his own private corner.

Previously, an army-style bed was set up. Now they can make a simple crib from above, and at the bottom is a usual folding sofa.

If there are niches in the wall, the sleeping places can be built into them and closed with nice curtains.

Bright fruit colors on modular structures

A bedroom for several children may have a daytime hidden area for sleeping.

In ramps for computer desks there are beds with a sliding mechanism.

To choose the final version, you need to familiarize yourself with a large number of photographic examples, visit furniture stores and ask your children what they like.

Functional wall in bright colors

The windows on the beds in the shape of an ellipse

White and blue in the interior design of the nursery for boys.

Unusual furniture of irregular shape

Bordeaux color on the glossy surface of the floor

A photo of the room with a computer desk, a bed with several tiers and a ladder with shelves for storing things in an orange-brown palette.

Graphic drawing on soft sleeping places

Wooden motifs in modern pastel paintings

A streamlined form of a designer chair

Textile extravaganza in the strict style

Comfortable shelves in a contrasting atmosphere

Bright floral designer's fairy tale for children's kids.

Funny Lambs and Horses on Wall Panels

Yellow sun on a red flower glade

Forest miracle with colorful insects

Interesting rods on the furniture surface

Functional room in fruit coloring

Unexpected unity of inappropriate colors

A photo of a solar room with a huge window, a two-tier system and an exclusive computer desk.

Concave forms of solar interior

Full-wall storage for two young room owners

Unusual colors for modern nursery

Unusual colors for modern nursery

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All rooms are good for 2 children. And I will definitely adopt a room in beige tones. Blue tones, though more suited to boys, but very much ordinary. I want something original and new.

Thank you for the wonderful article! I liked the layout of the room for two. Children will not be at all cramped and cozy.

Designing a room for two children at once is a really difficult task, because they always feel that the other has better, but this article will definitely help!

A stunning white-blue room with an unreal bulging wall, a feeling that these are giant soap bubbles, very creative.

Very original ideas in the interior of children's rooms! Room for a girl, for a boy, for two children – they all look bright, fabulous and unusual. Compact furniture for small rooms is an adventure for the child.

Proper design of children's rooms is a very interesting thing. Very original, you can, it turns out, zoning rooms for one or two children. Very comfortable options with a pull-out bed – it is necessary to take note.

Welcome to the Design Room! Here you will find a collection of interiors of apartments and individual rooms. Start a journey around the world of design with us!

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