How to correctly calculate the height of the kitchen countertop – a well-known furniture designer about individual needs and ergonomic standards


The traditional height of the countertops is convenient, since even after changing the kitchen headset it is easy to manage it with at least a closed eye. However, generally accepted dimensions do not work for everyone, because there is no such standard as a person's height.

Many designers based on this create things that meet the personal needs of the client. A well-known furniture designer tells about how a kitchen layout, suitable for everyone, is being created.

Multi-height working surfaces

Do you bend every time you cook food or do you need to reach the plate? The architect and universal design expert Carol Sandstrom says that with such an uncomfortable position, you can get a stretch in the shoulder girdle. Therefore, the variable kitchen planes are an outlet for high and low people.

Comfortable kitchen island

Carol Sandstrom proposes to build additional shelves. This will help to adjust the furniture to individual standards.

Surfaces from Yvonne Randolph are developed separately for each family. This kitchen also has its own characteristics.

The big island was divided in half, at the bottom of it they dine. Rounded kitchen countertop allows the deaf son to communicate with gestures with family without any problems.

In the interior, designed by Tony Sabatino, a shell is built, whose height is 79 cm as opposed to the standard 86. Reason is purely aesthetic. A beautiful copper plum should attract attention.

Incredible convenience at dinner is achieved through a reduced countertop. No one needs to reach his plate.

A table with a part intended for children

The idea for this design was filed by MJ Lanfier and consisted in having standard dimensions of the dining plane and a separate part for the children. A clear gradation of heights separates the adult half from the nursery.

The design allows you to settle anywhere. Legs do not interfere, and here you can seat a sufficient number of people.

Shelf for mixer

In addition to the islands and planes for cooking, their own characteristics can also have different shelves.

Dishwasher of unusual size

The dishwasher can be adapted to the owner's personal parameters. Thus, it is possible to eliminate the inconvenience in use, causing later pain in the back and legs.

Ergonomic furniture, corresponding to the individual parameters of the client

Do you think multipurpose surfaces would be convenient for you? What kind of furniture design do you choose?

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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