How to choose the right kitchen appliances for a modern interior


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Modern kitchen appliances require considerable investment, so it is important to make it with caution. You can have a heartfelt affection for a set of massive stainless steel, but be prepared for the same great prices for it.

Define the budget in advance and then research, the technique of what shapes, sizes, styles and functional will work in your kitchen. The following tips for choosing kitchen appliances will help you understand this.

Combined plates

This classic combination of oven and hob is suitable for most kitchens and style, and functionality. Define your budget, available space and style in advance.

This will help you make a choice: a standard integrated, stand-alone cooking unit; Stainless steel, vintage cast or other design of the gas stove. Use the guide how to create the right design for your kitchen.

Modern kitchen from Eck | MacNeely Architects Inc.

Stand-alone furnaces

If you abandoned the standard layout of the row, you will need to find a separate hob and oven for your kitchen.

This can be very convenient for amateur cooks, because this arrangement opens a number of possibilities in organizing the working space: doubled plates, ovens, marmits and steamers – all this will find a potential place in your kitchen. Use the guide how to choose the right location of the oven in your kitchen.

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The presence of a separate hob allows for greater flexibility in design and cooking. If you like ovens or simply want to keep pastries and cooked meals separately from each other, then you need to also choose the electric or gas hob. Learn how to find the hob for the kitchen.

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Refrigerators can occupy a large enough space. Think about how much space you actually need to store food before you start shopping.

You also need to decide what kind of refrigerator you want to buy depending on the dimensions so that it fits harmoniously into your stylish kitchen interior: pick up the depth at the same level with the countertop or buy the standard one if you have a built-in model. Use the manual on the correct choice of refrigerator.

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After you have created the kitchen of your dreams, make sure that every object in it looks right and appropriate, including a microwave oven. Although it is by far not the most glamorous device, but is a necessity for most of us.

Some like built-in models, while others are content with options that stand alone on the countertop. Read our tips to find out which type is right for you. Check the manual for the correct choice of microwave oven.

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Universal technology

When choosing a technique it is important to take into account the different needs for its movement and use by people of different ages. Elderly family members, young children and other disabled people should feel comfortable in your kitchen.

This means that it is necessary to adapt the choice of at least part of the devices, so that everyone can use them independently and they are safe for everyone. See the guide how to choose kitchen appliances for universal design.

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Environmental technology

So much kitchen equipment today, which comes with some kind of environmental guarantee in the form of a label glued to the front door of the device. But what parameters actually affect the environment and your electricity bill?

Paying close attention to the volume and power of the new device before buying it, you can save money in the long run.

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