How to choose the right color of the kitchen: 10 useful recommendations for interior coloring


If you think about where exactly we spend most of the time in the house, then, most likely, the answer will be unequivocal: this is the kitchen. For many people, it is a kind of center of life. At the table often not only home gathers, but also guests, arrange gatherings for a cup of tea, plan for the future and share the way they spent the day.

Perhaps the kitchen even replaces the office – many business meetings are held not only in the living room. Yes, the kitchen is multifunctional. Therefore, decorating its interior, when choosing colors, it is necessary to take into account many factors – this is very important.

1. Colors must reflect your "I"

It is worth considering that this is your home, so when choosing a color scheme, you need not only listen to the advice of your loved ones, but also be guided by your self. After all, each of us has his own personal preferences, and best of all, if the background will be right for you.

2. Remember: you choose a color not forever

Of course, your tastes will change with time, so you need to navigate exactly to what you like right now. And if you want to change the interior – it's not so difficult to do: it's not necessary to do a large-scale repair, just change part of the interior, say, changing the table and painting the facades of furniture.

3. Do not associate the kitchen with the rest of the apartment

Naturally, everything in the apartment should be in harmony. But this does not mean that everything should be the same! The color solution can be allocated this or that part of the house, giving it an individuality.

4. Do not be afraid of mixing colors and styles

It will be wonderful if you experiment with the front of the kitchen furniture. Times when everything was in one color, long gone.

5. Take care of proper lighting

The right lighting chosen will help to nicely furnish the interior details and make the kitchen comfortable and stylish.

6. Contrast for neutral gamma

Do not assume that light neutral colors – white, gray, beige – will be boring and monotonous. it is wrong to assume that various neutral colors, such as beige, gray and white, will be boring and monotonous. It's all about contrast! Even such modest, "sterile" shades can be presented superbly. For example, unusual lighting fixtures or wooden beige floors will look superb.

7. Create accent

Focus with color. The chosen shade can become a basis of color scale, even being presented only in separate elements of an interior. Furniture, kitchen apron, textiles . Feel free to experiment!

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