How to choose kitchen appliances for universal design


There are many parameters that should be taken into account when organizing the kitchen workspace with appliances for people of different heights, and having different needs for movement. Placement of instruments should be planned in such a way that they are easy to operate and safe for everyone.

Almost every device today comes in different styles and with many options that have real benefits for those who want to create a safer cooking area without compromising functionality and aesthetics.

Dear visitors, let us consider the main parameters that will be useful for you when choosing a kitchen technique.

Hobs and hoods

Induction hobs and cookers are safe for cooking, as they are used without the open flame of a hotplate or hot plate. Curious children and inadequate people will not be burned if they touch the stove.

Induction cooking is based on an electrical process that creates a high-frequency electromagnetic field. This process causes the dishes themselves to heat up, and not the cooking surface.

As soon as the dishes are removed from the hob, the heat remains on it, leaving the surface of the plate cool to the touch. Most induction hobs have controls on the front or side. For optimal access, choose the front control.

This type of touch control SmoothTouch, in addition, is great for people with arthritis of the hands, as they are inconvenient to take on large round pens. The absence of handles also prevents unnecessary elements, which can be caught with clothing, increasing the safety of the hob.

In any case, if you have a separate hob or cooker, and want to enhance the safety factor, consider the CookStop wireless system. This system connects to an electric stove or hob and includes a built-in motion detector that tracks traffic in the neighborhood.

If the user does not return within a set period of time, the cooker automatically turns off, preventing fires before they start. CookStop is easily programmable to meet the needs of multiple users.

It can be used as a stand-alone product or connected to Tunstall's Caresse + monitoring system to alert distant family members about a possible accident in the home of an elderly person.

The choice of hood, decorative or concealed, is also important, as is the choice of a cooker. Wherever the hood of the hood is located, separately at the top, or next to the wall, make sure that the controls are within easy reach for everyone who uses this technique.

One option is to install the control switch at a user-friendly height, either on the kitchen apron or on the front of the case.

This range with built-in lower draft hood, has a control panel on the front side of the housing, making it possible to hide the hood after cooking.


Ovens with side door openings are more affordable and safe to use than conventional ovens. You do not have to tilt the hot door and expand the access area inside the cabinet.

Take a closer look at models that have doors that stay in place when they are open, which prevents burns to your hands. Make sure that the minimum of 40 cm of a counter place is free to open the oven door. An additional option includes a pull-out shelf at the bottom of the oven to facilitate the transfer of hot dishes to the countertop.

Wall-mounted ovens are most convenient to use, can be placed at the required height that meets the user's requirements.

Double ovens, placed one above the other, are generally suitable for most users – both high and low.

Steam ovens become more and more popular in modern kitchen interiors for many reasons, one of which, apparently, is a healthier way of cooking.

These furnaces need water for steam generation, and the water supply can be mounted directly to the oven, or you can simply use a reusable container in the kit. Such furnaces are smaller than conventional ovens, this is another way of cooking simple food or a cooking option for one or two people. Placement of the steam oven is similar to placing the microwave oven.


A drawer with a microwave oven, located directly under the countertop, is a solution for people of low stature, or wheelchair users. Such an arrangement excludes movements at altitude, which are sometimes dangerous, and being under the tabletop means the presence of a constant surface nearby to accommodate hot dishes that have just been heated.

Younger children have easy access to the device at this altitude. Control elements are also easier to see and read, although high family members will have to bend down to read information from the display. If you place a microwave oven above the countertop, consider the height and capabilities of the users.

Ideally, the oven should be placed at 8 cm below the user's shoulder. For those in wheelchairs, find a microwave oven with controls less than 120 cm from the floor.


Now about the preservation of food. Refrigerators have come a long way since the old wooden frame. The configuration currently can be different. Some are a huge block with one or two drawers below.

Others, like this model, show the traditional combination of a refrigerator and a freezer. The freezer drawer is easier to use than the lower door of the refrigerator compartment.

Such a sliding cabinet allows children and persons in wheelchairs to access frozen food without assistance. Double top doors offer full free access to the refrigerator section.

Refrigerated drawers are an excellent solution for active families with children who seem to be constantly peeking into the fridge in search of snacks and a drink, letting the cold air into the room.

In small individual blocks organized for quick and easy access to them and placed where you need, you can store food and drinks. Drawers are also available as freezers, which are much easier to use than a large refrigerator door, and which are ideal for those in a wheelchair.

These boxes can have a front panel of the cabinet that will be in harmony with the furniture, or stand out in a stainless steel casing.


After cooking, washing dishes is required. Whether you live alone or with a large family, you can find the type of dishwasher that is right for you.

Consider installing a dishwasher at a distance of at least 30 cm from the floor, which makes it easier for both those in wheelchairs and everyone, especially for tall faces. This lifting of the machine to the height also corresponds to the recommended to the disabled 23 cm of the drawer toe-kick (kick in the foot) in the furniture base.

Dishwashers with drawers are available in single or double versions. If you use the dishwasher only occasionally, and are limited in space in the kitchen, the single option will be a good choice for you. Such models have the advantage of having an additional storage box under the machine itself.

Tracey Stephens Interior Design Inc The model with two drawers offers convenience for busy people and large families. One box can be used for dirty dishes, and the other for storage clean until you remember which box which utensils are in.

You can also choose two single dishwashers for better flow organization. One box can be used for washing and storage, for example, glasses, the other for plates and cutlery.

If you have little space, but you can not do without the dishwasher, try installing a single 46 cm model.

For those who have a really limited kitchen space, KitchenAid has developed a small integrated integrated model. The picture shows a unit that includes a steam oven, a microwave oven and a drawer of a dishwasher.

"This is convenient and suitable for the design of small rooms," says Anne-Marie Brunet, kitchen interior designer, who introduced us to the basic rules for choosing safe and affordable equipment.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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