How to choose a bar for the kitchen interior – several prerequisites for the right decision


Bar counter in the interior of the kitchen successfully optimizes any "inconvenient" space. At all, it is associated with cafes and pubs, however, in an apartment of any size, even the smallest, will have to go.

The majority of owners of small apartments have a problem – how to equip the dining place. Just for tiny dining rooms, this piece of furniture fits like nothing else, because it does not take much space like a regular table.

In addition, it can be made mobile by attaching the wheel to the foot to push and slide the table top during the meal. If the kitchen has access to the balcony, you can combine these two spaces and leave the window sill untouched, equipping it under the bar table.

In this case, the area is saved, which allows you to intelligently zonate the room. In apartment studios, the element can become a functional separator if it is correctly placed.

Thanks to him, you can save space by installing baskets or boxes along the support (if, of course, the rack is closed). When choosing the appropriate option, it is necessary to take into account various factors.

The style of design – classic or modern – must match the surrounding decor. The shape can be varied: as usual rectangular, and popular curved or round. The number of levels – equal to any number, however, still the most convenient are single and double-decker species.

After making the final decision, you need to take care of the correct lighting, because it will depend on it, how the post will be visually perceived after installation. It can be both creative lamps, and forged sconces, but the most suitable and universal option will be spotlights.

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