If you have a white living room, you can create an interesting look by incorporating color with accent chairs and rugs. While an all-white room can be overwhelming, a pop of color will help break it up and create a focal point. Adding accent chairs and rugs in bold colors is a great way to add color to an all-white room without overpowering the space. You can also use texture to add interest without using color. Rugs are a great option since they come in many different styles and colors.


If you’re in the market for a white living room set, IKEA has a great range of options. The white finish allows decorative accents to stand out, and makes for a great minimalist living room. The Kallax collection of cube shelves is a popular option, and offers a sleek look and endless versatility. Seating is also a necessity in any living room, and you can replace chairs with a comfortable sofa. You can also add an ottoman to serve as a stylish accent stool.

Living Divani

Living Divani is a dynamic family-owned company with an identity that is both contemporary and traditional. The company’s products are characterized by harmony in proportion and formal neatness. A variety of artists, designers and manufacturers have contributed to the collection, which is a synthesis of European and American aesthetics. The work of Piero Lissoni, the company’s creative director since 1988, is a great example of this unique style.

Grey and white living room furniture

Grey and white are timeless shades and can be used to create a modern or classic look. The neutral shades pair well with nearly every other color, making it easy to add accents without overwhelming the room. The most popular accent color for grey and white living rooms is yellow, which adds instant zest to any room. Citrus and mustard shades also look great, and add a cool contemporary vibe. The combination of white and grey will enhance the natural light from large windows, but it won’t overwhelm the space.

Boho style

Boho style living rooms often feature vibrant, exuberant colour schemes. The room may be dominated by a bold blue couch with earthy-coloured pillows and a small yellow coffee table. The space may also feature a black and white rug and green plants. The bold hues of this style are meant to enliven and bring the room together.

Modern style

For an eclectic modern living room, consider mixing furniture from different styles and eras. A pair of Mid-century modern chairs would look wonderful alongside a more traditional sofa. White walls provide a clean, minimalist backdrop for this type of room. In addition, a neutral color scheme keeps the overall look from being too garish. Adding a piece of artwork or a bold statement print will set the tone for the room and bring color into the space.

Monochrome style

When decorating with white living room furniture, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, you need to make sure that the room’s colour scheme is not too muted. Monochrome interiors are popular among mid-century modernists and a combination of white and black can make a stylish statement. However, pure black and white can appear too stark, so you might want to incorporate a touch of grey in the room.


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