How sweet! Pastel colors in the interior of the kitchen


Pastel colors again return to our kitchens – after 25 years. We had to survive the influx of pink, lemon attack and the trend for mint, but it was worth the wait! This is especially true now, because it is the pastel soft shades that are associated with the spring.

Today we will stop to use these flowers in the kitchen, as it is there that they look most appropriate. One of the reasons is that pastel is a great way to paint the kitchen, without making it vulgar.

Soft gentle shades add to the interior of tranquility. This is especially valuable for those who are sometimes annoyed by kitchen worries.

This situation immerses us in a nostalgic retro. It is this vintage trend that has always been popular in the decor of kitchens. The best way to recreate that atmosphere is to add bright shades to the pastel palette. For example, to pink and purple add a soft blue and ivory color. The result is simply amazing!

To make the interior of the kitchen such shades, it is not necessary to start repairs. You can, for example, update the dishes, buy pastel plates and mugs. They should not be hidden – on the contrary, it is better to place them in sight. Alternatively, new curtains and a tablecloth suitable for them can serve.

That's all the secrets. This proves that, along with the fashion on the 90, it returns to the trend and pastel. So turn on the music of your youth and color the kitchen in candy colors.

For a long time I like the vintage style, and have been looking for suitable ideas for kitchen interior for a long time. I liked very much the fact that you can combine several different colors and at the same time get a fresh original kitchen. Here everything harmonizes and even the most unpretentious fixtures look elegantly and beautifully. In such a kitchen, you can place children's crafts, and they will perfectly fit into the overall interior.

A gentle pastel color and want to stay longer in this kitchen, drink tea from retro style cups. The trendy interior and tastefully selected decor allow you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of beauty and grace.

Pastel colors I really like, but here are some of the interiors of the kitchen did not like, because they turned out too cloying and some childish, for girls. But the pistachio color kitchens are very beautiful.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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