How literate lighting of the island works wonders in your kitchen


Proper illumination of the kitchen island can solve many problems of housewives. For designers and amateurs to diversify and improve the interior, we offer an overview of 19 stylish options for implementing this idea.

We took into account different styles of cuisines, we picked up successful variants of the game with light in terms of professional design.

Depending on the style, we offer you gentle vintage or massive lamps, suspended glass or classic. Also, modern round options, in the style of 50 and 70, can become a stylish accent of the kitchen island.

Pendant lamps from transparent glass

Transparent glass can be incredibly shiny and elegant. Suspended glass fixtures look like air bubbles, gently illuminating your workplace.

Round glass pendant lamps are popular at the moment (as it was in 70), but may remain unnoticed due to their size. Attention! Glass round models are transparent and do not burden the room, you can install it in a small kitchen.

The accumulation of lamp-shaped blow-out lamps looks solemn and creates a festive atmosphere.

Wide copper pendant lamps (similar to Indian baskets) are large and bright elements. A bold decision, but with a successful combination harmoniously dilute the pastel interior.

Light, camera, motor! These classic stainless steel lamps remind lighting from the film industry. Remember, they look neat as long as you polish them. "Lamps-searchlights" are good in both steel and black.

Lamps in the industrial style help to cope with a variety of tasks in the workplace.

Adjustable lamps can concentrate more light on a kitchen island or scatter it around the room.

To color the lighting looked more original, you can install the ceiling lights at different heights.

Blue Moroccan lamps add exotics to this traditional cuisine.

A vintage-style kitchen room with 50-X lighting fixtures.

Hanging lamps of large size can revive the room, if you have high ceilings.

Cubic large lamps emphasize the lines and shapes of the room.

Dome-shaped metal lamps harmoniously fit into the space above the kitchen island. It can also be installed in the middle of a room or living room.

The lighting line from the black domed lamps is the main decoration for minimalist kitchens

Chandeliers can soften all rough lines and corners. This modern version fits into the shapes of the room, adds a shine and a shade of femininity.

The black Gothic chandelier and the black kitchen island are simply made for each other.

Two massive chandeliers add glamor.

Successfully fit modern chandeliers into the kitchen, poorly frilled and original elements.

Kitchen space can look different due to lighting. We think that you liked one of these design decisions, and our review was useful to you. Leave comments with suggestions and suggestions, subscribe to updates and learn more new ideas and share with your friends!

Very stylish lighting for the kitchen. For the design of my interior, the most relevant

domed lamps. But for the kitchen in the steampunk style, industrial fixtures are ideal.

Lighting, like all components, plays a role, but the main thing is that the fixtures are appropriate and fit the style. Perhaps, it's not very easy to choose a lamp, but a chandelier is very difficult, as shown in one photo (a chandelier in black), you need to be sharp-witted and it's better to entrust this to professionals, but light glass lamps look very interesting.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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