How and what to decorate the living room: several recommendations for the design of the central room in the house


It's time, dear readers, to focus on the room in which you will have fun, read and relax with your family. This is the living room. Some say that this is the most inhabited room in the house. Today we will consider what it means to decorate it, demonstrating 5 useful tips with illustrations.

If the images below inspire you as much as they inspire us, then it will be easy for you on the way to creating the perfect space. Instead of choosing a ready plan that you might not like at the end and eventually you have to start everything from scratch, think about how you can express your individuality in the design of the room.

If you have your favorite colors, style of furniture and decor, then it will be easy to create something attractive and cozy.

We take into account the needs of your home

Have you decided to take on the decor of a certain room? Begin by pondering carefully, taking into account the furniture that will be there. If you have a small room, you can set here a sofa and a coffee table.

If the living room is one of the priority premises, then you should know: you will have to buy a sectional sofa to accommodate your guests. You can also put a few wooden chairs here, and lay a carpet on the floor.

Consider also the issue of storage of things. The living room should not perform the same function as the cabinet. There are items for which you might need a place, for example for books. Fortunately, there are stylish shelves that can be used in various designs.

Even a coffee table can become a storage place. If it has a lower level, then it will be an ideal place to hide magazines, books, candles and other items that you do not want to leave on the table surface.

With the layout and storage figured out, it's time to play with color! It can link different decor elements together to create a harmonious and cozy atmosphere. In the photo below we see a white-gray room, the accent is made with the help of yellow pillows and pouffes, and also modern lighting fixtures.

The room in gray shades is also beautifully shaded by bright red and orange elements.

There are times when the walls themselves become a wonderful canvas thanks to the bold choice of paint. In the living room on the photo below, designed by Eylin Kathyrn Boyd, there are cool palettes that include blue and berry tones, as well as green. As a result, the room turned out to be very harmonious and beautiful.

Do not forget that curtains can greatly help to establish a color scheme. Although the space below has a soothing gray tone, the green tint really stands out thanks to the dramatic drapery. Therefore the room seems higher.

As we saw in the living room in blue shades, the presence of several tones in space can fully justify itself. In other words, create beautiful interior, not limiting itself in the color palette. Choose the main tone of the walls, and the decor can be selected from a different scale.

Do not be tempted to buy all the new furniture. It is not necessary to take a sofa complete with bedside tables, a coffee table and shelves. It will be much more interesting to include parts that represent a diverse style and different time periods.

The living room below shows old and modern works together. We think you will agree that the results are simply stunning!

If you like the vintage style, but do not have the patience to shop at antique stores, you're in luck. Many of the things of antiquity have a modern look. Find some old things, and then mix them with new details.

In a rich living room in the photo below, the modern corner is filled with things from furniture sets.

Do not forget about the decorative elements

For some, decorative accents can cause unwanted clutter in the room. For others, filling the space will seem like hard work. In whatever spectrum you appear, remember that small parts play a very important role in the living room.

The decor of the coffee table, shown below, is elegant and interesting, it combines art with nature.

Speaking about nature, there can be a great variety of design options. For example, a full shell of a vase in the form of a globe or a large plant on a coffee table can do wonders with a room, as the illustration shows us.

If you have less space or the room is full, try putting an orchid on the table – it will not spoil the look.

Do not forget that you choose the accents that can tell a lot about your personality. Use this opportunity to demonstrate your style. Do not overload yourself with the task of hunting for "right" works. Go to what you love! In the image below, bright flowers and pillows brought a refined charm to the apartment in Copenhagen.

When it comes to good design, few people can go a long way. As already mentioned in the previous section, the disorder is a real enemy of space for gatherings. Sometimes it's better to have a few strong parts that speak for themselves.

Below you can watch the sofa Wells Leather Sofa, which brings elegance to the modern living room.

Attractive interior details should "breathe". That is why modern sectional models allow you to impress. Pay attention to how the coffee table is chosen – stylish and unresponsive.

In the bright living room below, a neat appearance dominates, and a wonderful chandelier on the ceiling makes a final smear.

Did anything strike you? If you liked the color, think about how to include it in your space. Did you like the furniture? Plan to buy it or an equivalent. Do you need more decorative accents in your living room? Go to the antique center, interior shops, to find amazing decoration elements.

Most importantly, remember that a really interesting space often includes a variety of styles, so do not worry about buying sets of furniture or decorative items from just one time period.

The bigger, the better!

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