Hot three of the best interior design of children's rooms – the children will be delighted!


Universal children's bedroom with sea motifs

Any children's room in the apartment should look original and individual, you will spend a lot of energy and finances, but the result will not leave you disappointed.

Prepare a design for a child's design and take into account all the necessary details.

In this room, there are usually three zones: recreation, games and classes.

Below are the designs of three different design solutions in rooms for children of different ages.

In one can live a boy or a girl from 2 to 5 years, in the second child, who is studying in primary classes, and the third for a girl in adolescence.

Color picture of furniture arrangement in a children's bedroom

A miniature room for small children is furnished with simple and uncomplicated designs.

Brackets hold a hanging shelf serving as a table, a nightstand is also usual, and the rack is a mini storage system for things and toys.

Bright flowers on a blue-green meadow

The color of the walls perfectly transformed the room, and adding the blue elements of the decor gave it some kind of contrast.

This interior is suitable for any child, and if you paint the walls in pink, then the little princess will settle in the room.

Natural color in every detail

Interior solutions for a small student

White stars on a brown sky

Everything in this room is functional and simple. There is nothing intricate here.

The tree is present in every piece of furniture, which serves for quick assembly and processing. The color scale can be changed due to this furniture.

Bard textile ideas

There is everything necessary for the child: a table, a rack and a cot. Upstairs, along the perimeter of the bedroom, there are roomy shelves.

The boyish color of the room is attached to ceramic sea fish, shell and blue surface of the walls.

The purple color of the curtains miraculously refreshes the room and creates a single picture with small cushions.

Baby for the future sailor

Such a project is suitable for those who do not want to invest much, but wants to have a functional children's space. Another version of the seabed can be seen below.

Modern electrical and storage elements

Dreams of a teenage girl in a fashionable interior

A complete picture of the entire adolescent space

The most necessary things and objects are located in this room, although they leave a minimum of space for free movement on it.

Lemon extravaganza of the young atmosphere

The place for classes is quite spacious, you can not only sit behind a computer, but also use educational materials.

The shelf that hangs over the table and the comfortable bedside table will hide all the necessary things.

In the middle there is a bunk bed, which has a pullout sofa, which will lift it to the second floor and accommodate the guests of the girl to watch TV.

Striped white tree surroundings

The hostess of this situation is very mobile and young, so in the coloring of the walls you can apply a bright palette of colors. Many variants of interior solutions can be seen here.

Cell on the bed – a math find

Arrangement of objects in strict order

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The approach to interior design with a division into zones is very competent regarding children. Study and play should be separated from them. All three projects of children's rooms are good in themselves, but the brightest is an example of a bright room for a girl. That's where the richness of colors and shapes!

Very bright and varied interiors of children's rooms in the photo! It can be seen that each room was designed taking into account the tastes and preferences of the child, and it's just priceless. When housing reflects the nature of his small host.

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