Hoods in modern interiors of kitchens – photo collection of the best solutions


Perfect decoration of space with high ceilings

Kitchen hoods are an important part of the interior. There are a huge number of them, differing from each other in shapes, sizes and characteristics. It is not always easy to find a suitable model. But it is this variety of options that will allow you to personalize your kitchen and adapt it to your needs and preferences.

In the traditional interior, stainless steel elements look particularly noble

Simple and modern design for minimalist interiors

Extract of an interesting design designated the focal point of space

Finding a good hood is not a matter of the lungs. First you need to make sure of its efficiency and high quality, and then pay attention to the appearance.

Finished, holistic decor

Bet on symmetry

The hood should be combined with the design of the work surface

The design of the hood, built on the principle of the hip roof, is very popular, which is justifiable

Spacious and bright interior

Horizontal linearity as the basis of design

The interiors presented here convince us that the purchase of the hood and the design of its hood (if it takes place) should be coordinated with the overall design concept, since this necessary device has long ceased to be an exclusively utilitarian component of the kitchen interior.

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