Home school design – photos of the most attractive and original solutions


The variants of the training places presented below are undoubtedly highly appreciated. In addition to an amazing appearance and order, they also inspire children for intellectual pursuits.

This is not an easy task for designers. Consider four houses that can be an example for developing their own ideas.

1. Industrial rural house, Ohio.

The home school of this family is located in the attic above the kitchen. The landlord and photographer Julie Ranee bought a hammock on a trip to Ecuador 22 years ago and finally found a good use for it. He became a wonderful secluded place to relax with your favorite book.

A simple wooden table and four blue chairs from Target form the basis of this space.

Hint: if there is such an opportunity, it is better to separate the training room from the rest of the house. Physical and visual separation helps children prepare for classes at school, accustoming them to the working day regime.

A lover doing handmade crafts Julie saved an old wooden coil for an electric wire. Now it serves as a shelf for textbooks and other printing publications.

This old chest of drawers, bought at an auction, is just a dream for the design of a training corner. Make the appearance more pleasant and appropriate to this situation helped by black and silver paint.

Each of the boxes is roomy enough and suitable for storing both small office supplies and documents with papers.

The interior designer Darlene Weir knows everything about a pleasant vacation. Despite the use of classical furniture: tables and chairs for writing classes, the main time for reading children prefer to spend in a chair-bag or completely on the floor.

This opportunity is a distinctive feature and a big plus of home teaching.

Tip: those who decide to use the blackboard in the course of training should prefer the outdated model, then the chalk will not "scratch" when writing.

Education at home requires the presence of many office supplies: glue, rods, colored pencils, erasers, etc. For their storage, wicker baskets are very convenient, which can be placed in easily accessible places, hiding small objects in them to avoid feeling cluttered.

In addition, each of these containers can be assigned to a certain child, having within it what it takes to work within one day.

Recommendation: even the most creative home school gets bored with time. Therefore, moving the learning process to another area of ​​the apartment, you can bring in it the novelty and, as a consequence, the activity.

Interior designer Natasha Barrault and architect-designer Hervé Daridan designed this family house taking into account places for teaching, transforming the entire space in accordance with the needs of the school. In effect, changing the room in the morning for classes, you can return it to the old form after graduation.

This photo shows part of the living room during class.

Hint: do not underestimate the benefits of covers for furniture. It is better to create an environment that is not only attractive, but also wear-resistant.

Custom boxes with metal frames and fabric cover placed in bookcases were filled by the owners with items that every child needs for training.

For those who do not want to sacrifice the beauty of the room, this project will be an ideal solution combining practicality and stunning stylish design.

Tip: it is not necessary to fill the apartment with furniture, because a simple but elegant interior can satisfy any need. The main thing is to find universal and ergonomic models.

This example shows how to combine a school, a workplace and a guest room in one office space.

To increase free space, you should arrange furniture along the walls, leaving the middle of the room for reading and entertainment.

You can consider such universal places for office and books, like table legs with capacious openings, as well as unusual wall shelves. After all, containers for storage can be anywhere: under sofas, chairs, coffee tables, etc.

A useful recommendation: using furniture from other parts of the house, for example, a cotton mattress, a couch or a folding sofa, you can get an excellent addition to the training corner for both training and leisure between them.

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