Hidden kitchen boxes – an interesting idea to optimize your home


Hidden boxes for the kitchen will allow us to use that space that we do not notice

Never wondered how to make a few hidden boxes for the kitchen? Think, is not it wonderful, going into the kitchen, to see that all kitchen utensils are neatly hidden in their places? And you can arrange this in your home, it is only necessary to make several transformations. By the way, most of them, by the way, can be realistically implemented by themselves.

Caches that save valuable space can appear in a variety of ways: starting with a hidden wine cellar and ending with incredibly comfortable shelves on wheels for spices. Read this article and you will learn about 8 secrets of saving space in the kitchen, which you definitely like.

The art of hiding creatively

Imagine that you just need to press a button and then a wine cellar opens right before your eyes, right under the kitchen. This fantasy can easily be realized if it is a spiral sex. Will only make sure that no one will fall into it after a couple of glasses of wine.

This idea of ​​a wine cellar will envy everyone

And your tile so can? This functional tile created by Arnout Visser, Erik Jan Kwakkel and Peter van der Jagt is ideal for storing valuable spices or anything intimate.

How interesting is the kitchen!

We are not sure if Batman is cooking at all. But if so, he probably keeps his spices this way. Invented by Creative Woodworking, a comfortable shelf on the wheels hides between the lower cabinets, as if in a superhero house.

An unusual idea for storing spices

A few more devices on wheels

An extra seat will never hurt, but not always it turns out to be found in a small kitchen. And this is exactly what such a sliding table top and a kitchen board are magnificent. It can be pulled out when you do not have enough working surfaces. And it also disappears quickly if you do not already need it.

The excellent idea of ​​the sliding work surface

If you have always dreamed of using the space between the fridge and the wall skillfully, Classy Clutter has a smart idea how to do it. All that is required to create a convenient retractable pantry is a few boards and rollers for furniture.

Reasonable disposal of space: pantry directly behind the refrigerator

Maximize the space in the kitchen

Did you have such that you looked at the boxes-dummies in the kitchen set and thought about what could be worthless? Our House on the Corner also thought about this and came up with a way to turn unnecessary jewelry into a functional space.

Down with boxes-blende, functionality first of all

The lower bar of your cabinet contains a place that can be masterfully used to store everything from canned food to supplementary cutlery. Look at the implementation of this idea from Michael Anschel.

How much space disappears behind this bar at the bottom of your closet?

But the option of storing appliances and tools for cleaning. So, they will always be at hand and take up a lot of space.

Reasonable storage of tools and devices for cleaning

Did you like our options?

Hidden boxes for the kitchen – it's just great! Dream lovers of order! This idea makes an indelible impression of the accuracy of the interior. I take note!

Very surprised functional tile! I would never have thought that hidden boxes for the kitchen can be designed in this way.

Hidden boxes for kitchen ingenious invention, with this no one will argue. What can be better than its wine cache for adults or a secret freezer with ice cream for a child. I would gladly have bought it.

In my opinion hidden boxes for the kitchen can already be recognized as a separate kind of art. Has received such pleasure from article, so much unusual and interesting variants, eyes run up! I want everything at once)

Every idea was a discovery for me. The people who invented this are just geniuses. Maybe I have more room in the kitchen than I think. And it's inspiring, because I'm already tired of struggling with the lack of space. Still something similar for other rooms to look.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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