Here live real princesses – children's furniture, beds, for girls in pink interior


Bright pink fairy tale for little beauties

Alena Bogdanova is the designer who created this project. The room looked like a fairy forest in which elves live, but the atmosphere in it remained cheerful and joyful, satisfying little princesses having the age of 6 and 2.

Pink and brown curtains

In this room there are three zones: near the entrance door there is a dressing room, the center has sheltered a bed, and near the balcony is a playroom, it is also an educational one.

A blue rose on a bright bed

The rich stucco molding in pink on the columns separates all the zones from each other. The ceiling is also made stucco, so it looks multilevel.

A ribbon with LEDs supports this perception of the ceiling. Luminous balls surrounded by a transparent ring are the central chandelier. They are like fireflies, which frolic in the meadow.

A white bunch of grapes on the ceiling

In the area for sleeping on pink walls, colorful panels were arranged. The panel contains a drawing with little men sitting on the branches and flying over the roofs of the houses and living in the elven forest.

These panels are the main elements of the decor in this interior.

Funny elves living in the trees

A cracked wall with a fairy-tale pattern

At the entrance is a convenient storage system. Each child has a locker that looks like a medieval castle.

The entrance aperture was narrowed, and the door was made to a compartment, so that the cabinets seemed to be bulky.

Closet lock in the children's room

Near the window is a wall with a secret. One part of the wall covering was painted with ferrite paint, which contains iron, so it became magnetic.

Preserving the overall color of the interior it was also painted with paint as on other walls. Its magnetic properties are not lost after painting.

Roomy drawers under the girls' bed

All the furniture in the interior for several girls has magical fairy-tale shapes. Airy and light cribs are like clouds. The wall of the castle appears in the outlines of the table for classes.

Open shelves in a locker for different fabulous trivia

Red transparent lamp standing on a table

Drawers under the bed are put forward and hide in themselves bed linen and toys, shelves will place dolls and books on themselves. The chair near the table is similar to other plastic chairs.

A variety of girlish baubles

Bright dogs are small stools and stand near the balcony door.

Yellow toy, like a piece of furniture

Crowns, located above the cupboards, show everyone that fairy princesses live here.

Multicolored bricks on the facades of the rack

Large butterflies on the walls of the room

Pink and green cushions in the ruches

Frames for photos in floral patterns

Designer cups for colored pencils

Wooden boards – the best flooring

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What bedroom princesses without pink color, locks and crowns? The designers did everything right. Fairy tale in reality turned out very realistic.

Every girl dreams of becoming a princess! And here is created a perfect image of a fairy tale in the design of a children's room for girls. Attracts visually multi-level ceiling and original pictures of elven life.

Wow! What an amazing room! I have just two daughters, and I want such a room for them, but, unfortunately, recently made repairs. But a few ideas, I still copy from these photos. For example, satin cushions in the form of roses, and butterflies on the walls will certainly do!

A fairy tale for little princesses. A beautiful room for girls, every detail complements another. A stunning panel on the wall, before going to bed it will be interesting to look at the characters and plunge into the world of dreams with them.

Magic room, stylish and functional. The only thing that bothered me when girls grow up would not want to have a more adult interior?

This room is full of all sorts of colors and bright details. But it's so charming, beautiful and fabulous that I would gladly put this design into the room for my children. Charming paintings on the walls with elves add magic to this room. A competent arrangement of furniture does not reduce space.

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