Heat of natural wood in a stylish kitchen interior


Today's talk will be about modern Canadian cuisine from natural wood. A married couple living in Vancouver, a city on the west coast of the Pacific, wished in her house, with the help of furniture, to display the unique landscape that was loved by their heart. Like the sea waves, in the form of bending islands, the modern kitchen interior divided the room into zones.

Convenient, practical parts of the room for cooking, rest are made, as well as the whole house of timber. The building fits seamlessly into the picturesque surrounding landscape.

The terrain has a very generous flora and fauna, a mild climate. It is in constant unity with nature that the couple sees their personal style in the interior of the home.

The echo of the ocean finds its continuation in bizarre forms of structures

Materials of the Pacific coast are reflected in the environment of the kitchen. Maple, other types of local wood, used by designers in creating the S-shaped main table.

At the expense of a smooth natural edge, there is a neighboring neighboring one, standing next to it, designed to be cleaned. The original idea of ​​a gorgeous floor surface fascinates the imagination. Tile in combination with pebble, continues the marine theme.

The maximum use of wood creates an amazing design

In the room everything is thought out to the smallest detail, the layout of the kitchen provides space for rest, lunch. Part of the useful area is occupied by the culinary department. The refined greenish shade of limestone contrasts with the reddish wood.

All stereotypes of the traditional tiled floor surface are broken by a pebble. The facade of the room covered by it looks like it is filled with water. In this combined area, bar metal stools look impressive.

Mixing of different materials in the recreation area and the dining room

The calm color scheme of the living-room area connected the original bedside table with a round glass surface and wooden kegs – chairs. On a solid undulating bench, soft, colorful pads have found their place.

Harmoniously fit into the interior leather chairs of the dining area. The prevailing material of the design remains warm natural wood.

Feeling of spaciousness is the main component of elite cuisine

The island, where the sanitary zone is located, is an example of a stunning design. The peculiarity of modeling the end of the counter introduces the feeling of frozen water. Elements of installation of technical equipment are hidden in a structure that has the shape of a drum.

Carefully, with skill, the craftsmen combined fir, maple, walnut in the interior design. Each species has a color that deserves attention, and together they are very harmonious and create a feeling of luxury and freedom.

Original washing position

Conveniently located at the window is a cylindrical kitchen sink, which has a scraped texture. With it, in form, there is a design similar to that of a sewer, built on a neighboring island.

Separate arrangement of household appliances

Great discoveries of designers have no limits! Having equipped the frying cupboard on a separate peninsula, the decorators added a smart visual element. The central plane of the wall, on which two small open shelves are fastened, is decorated with chiseled thin granite.

The owners of the house expressed a desire that near the oven there were always food necessary for cooking. Although in the special pantry there is a refrigerator, a small camera, after considering many options, still placed at hand.

It has black glass facades. With a frying cupboard it is divided by a curbstone, with convex doors. Artfully built-in home appliances organically balances with the unsurpassed art of cabinetry. The surface of the compartment with instruments is covered with a granite countertop, in which the upper part of the peninsula is mirrored.

Not only inexperienced inhabitants, but also true connoisseurs of art of interiors, will enchant with its splendor the stunning design of the premises made of natural materials.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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