Green color in the interior of the kitchen: choose the shades for a spectacular design


Green color in the interior of the kitchen is traditionally associated with nature, renewal and youth, which makes it an excellent choice for any style design.

Bright saturated shades of green, such as the color of lime or foliage, will fill the kitchen with an atmosphere of vigor and enthusiasm. Use of more yellow or light green tones (for example, a natural shade of celery) will add a zest to the kitchen in the traditional style. Do not forget that the wrong shade of green creates a feeling of pain and toxicity. Nevertheless, natural colors, especially the colors of your favorite products, will be more than appropriate to look at any kitchen. Appetizing shades will make the cooking process much more fun.

But how to choose the color that best suits your kitchen? We have chosen for you the most versatile and interesting shades of green.

Palette of green for kitchen decoration (clockwise, starting from the upper left):

  1. Green tea (Pale Green Tea 080-1) from Mythic Paint
  2. Green Fernwood (Fernwood Green 2145-40) of the brand Benjamin Moore
  3. Green Chantilly (Green Chantilly 17-3) from Pratt & Lambert
  4. Romaine salad (Romaine SW6730) of the brand Sherwin-Williams
  5. Wine from ivy (Ivy Vine 207-5) from Pittsburgh Paints
  6. Fresh avocado (Fresh Guacamole GLG23) from Glidden
  7. Grass (Grass) brands Serena & Lily
  8. Alley of Alligators (Alligator Alley KM3390-2) from Kelly-Moor

The design of this kitchen illustrates a very practical advice: use bright colors where they are easy to apply – for example, in the design of walls and ceilings.

Wooden flooring, table top and ceiling panels will look great in any kitchen. But if you add wooden furniture of natural color to the interior, then it will look not at all beautiful, but cumbersome and ridiculous.

To dilute the monotonous design, you can paint the kitchen cabinets in a shade of ripe avocado and bright cranberries. This is also a good way to refresh the vintage kitchen with a good layout and a quality suite that needs a little renovation.

If you are a fan of clean, modern, not cluttered interiors, bright acidic shades of green (for example, lime) will not let you get bored and "erase" the sterility of any boring and monotonous space.

In this kitchen everything is fine: colors and materials, a cozy atmosphere of antiquity and a properly organized space. Beautiful shades of green look very advantageous, although they are used in large quantities. This effect was achieved thanks to a competent "arrangement" of color in the room.

In the photo you can see an excellent example of using a neutral gray-green hue, which works well with any other color. In combination with wooden floors and a wall of brown-orange brick, it creates a peaceful and peaceful environment.

Here is another beautiful kitchen with a gorgeous green suite and original beams from the bar. The design of this room is an example of a mixture of styles, which makes the kitchen special, gives it its own character. For registration selected complex green shades with a gray and brown podtonom: they are soft and muted, but at the same time, not too boring.

Look at this kitchen-galley in sea and grassy-green colors. These saturated shades do not look vulgar due to the large windows, due to which the room fills the sunlight. Reflecting from white walls, floor and ceiling, it dissipates and softens the overall color scheme.

The combination of black and white – a classic design. But to make the interior even better, it's worth adding a third color. The photo shows a fresh and original palette of shades, which suits the cuisine of any style.

This fabulous green kitchen is a great place for cooking and relaxing. The combination of cream, green and wood shades looks very exquisite and elegant because the kitchen has been muffled and soft colors.

If you like green and you are ready to add it to the interior of your house, pay attention to this splendid apron of green tiles. Framing for this bright element will serve stylish furniture for the kitchen of calm neutral tones.

Interesting and bold examples. I love green, but honestly I can not dare to apply it in my apartment. But then I saw many successful and interesting combinations. Calm shades of green look rich. Bright – fashionable and invigorating. Probably, it is difficult to spoil the general picture with this color.

I agree that with green you need to be more careful. An incorrectly chosen tone can create an image of hospital walls. For home, and even more kitchen interior, you need to use natural "edible" shades of green, as presented in the photo. And the intensity of color depends on the mood and character of the inhabitants of the apartment.

To green shade in the interior of the kitchen "played", it must be properly "beat". For example, on the 2 photo the design of the kitchen turned out to be tasteless – the green color of the cabinets, the burgundy set, the massive wood table top did not get along at all.

The use of green in the interior of the kitchen can both enliven the space, and make you sad. It will have to sweat fairly to find harmonious shades and not to fall into a spleen. Presented interior solutions inspire feats, and a color palette with names will help to facilitate the choice.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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