Glass in the interior of the kitchen: several impressive examples


It's not a secret for anyone that the appearance of an object is largely determined by the materials that make up its components. This fully applies to the kitchen. Have you ever thought about how you can use the ability of the glass to reflect and let light in to improve the interior design?

Of course, this material is very widely represented in our homes. The first thing that comes to mind is the windows, which have been used for thousands of years for natural lighting of rooms. But we would like to talk about a trend that is more popular than ever before – about kitchen furniture with glass elements.

We bring to your attention some interesting ideas. All of them concern the design of kitchen interiors with the help of glass details, but they have a different embodiment.

Kitchen cabinets with glazed doors visually lighten the interior, and built-in lighting makes them even more attractive

The glazed doors of kitchen cabinets echo the design of the window

Do not forget about the ability of glass to reflect light. It is thanks to her that any interior can easily become visually more spacious without much effort. Worktops and kitchen aprons made of glass immediately transform the design, making it modern and neat.

Glass units, mounted in the wall, ensure the penetration of light from one room to another, and at the same time bring an unobtrusive luster to the interior. And more about kitchen cabinets with glazed doors: they allow you to demonstrate beautiful dishes or decorative objects, especially if you have built-in lighting.

This magnificent countertop is much stronger than it may seem

Very often the kitchen is located in close proximity to other rooms or at all in the same space with them. In this case it is quite appropriate to use in its design some glass elements inherent in residential interiors. It is important to remember that the glass fits well with other materials of decoration – wood, metal and leather, and gives a modern, trendy look to the room.

Excellent solution for a two-level countertop

Glass itself does not bear a significant visual load and successfully adjoins any textures. The possibilities of this material are truly limitless!

By means of glass partitions it is possible to designate the boundaries between the kitchen and the adjoining spaces

Kitchen can not be dull and boring, if its interior is glass. Remember this, determined by the strategy of future repair!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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