Futuristic kitchen interior with elements of street art and high-tech equipment


Today in the center of our attention was the futuristic interior of the kitchen, which, we think, will not leave anyone indifferent. Fans of advanced technologies will appreciate the equipment of this space. The magnificence of the appearance is not affected even by the fact that its palette is dominated by dark colors. Interior still turned bright and warm. And what else is remarkable about this design? Now you will know everything.

The interior of the kitchen is complemented by a bright panel and a sofa built into a compact niche with lighting. The picture of the famous Brazilian artist Lu Borghetti brings to the image a certain artistic chic.

Lighting has become the main tool for creating an atmosphere in this kitchen

Lighting, generally muffled, focuses on the working areas and bar area, making the situation look even more bohemian.

Lamps and new-fashioned chandeliers demonstrate the progressiveness of design and create spectacular highlights on metal surfaces. Many people will consider the neon inscription superfluous, but just imagine how easy it is to create a festive mood with it!

What kind of modern kitchen can do without blinds? Futuristic, steel colors, they seem to protect the interior from the realities of everyday life. Diluted with bright details, he looks alive, colorful and truly homely.

One of the most expressive elements of design is a metal barrel

Brazilian designers who developed this project commented on the concept they created: "If you can not decide on a bold experiment, then you should not try and reproduce this image in your home interior." And it's true: few will agree to put in their apartment a laundry basket, which in fact is a barrel with decor in the form of graffiti.

An interesting solution for a compact kitchen, which made it possible to place a working area, a mini-dining room and a bar

The success of this extraordinary project lies in the close attention of its authors to individual details and nuances: an easy table of light wood does not seem to be a logical element of this space, but it is exactly in its place and works perfectly in contrast to the context.

Expressive design of this stunning cuisine attracts attention even those who do not consider themselves a fan of modern style, and even with elements of pop art. Perhaps its accurate copying will not seem to many appropriate, but to take note of the individual components of this image will be useful to everyone.

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