Furniture and accessories from stainless steel in modern kitchen interiors


Today we will introduce you to several examples of the use of accessories and stainless steel kitchen furniture in modern interiors.

Stainless steel – an indispensable material for the manufacture of a variety of household items. It has many exceptional properties: it is resistant to corrosion, durable, easy to clean.

This photo shows the most popular combination: wooden furniture and built-in modules of household appliances from "stainless steel". An elegant addition is the steel work surface and bar stools.

All modern kitchens contain stainless steel elements. Here, for example, a kitchen island of "stainless steel" of unusual geometric shape with a sink, working and dining surfaces. The motto of this cuisine is: "minimalism and elegance".

Another example of amazing unity: a glossy lining of kitchen furniture and a steel surface of countertops. Modern and stylish design.

A very interesting combination of a deliberately rough style "loft" with elements of steel design. Finishing from natural wood adds coziness and warmth.

And this is a truly luxurious interior of modern cuisine. Large worktops, a hob and stainless steel hood in combination with a glossy floor surface create a feeling of spaciousness and airiness. All the decor is solved by clean simple lines, which gives the kitchen an extra chic.

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