Full-value granite substitutes on kitchen countertops: give your interior originality using unusual materials


It is true that granite and quartz are an excellent choice for the kitchen. But there are other options, from which the style of the interior in many respects wins.

The appearance is soft, matte, eventually becomes covered with a dark gray coating, looks great in interiors that mimic the past. Compliance makes it suitable for the manufacture of various small parts. The price is high, so if you do not need a patina, it's better to choose stainless steel.

Zinc has antibacterial properties. This is non-porous material, it is very convenient to make tabletops, even with built-in sinks. But it has drawbacks: it is quickly damaged. For example, it can be deformed under a hot pan. Such kitchen countertops cost an average of 5000 rubles per square meter.

The material is warm, pleasant color, perfectly cut, takes any shape. But because of its softness is not suitable for all working surfaces. If you order a similar option, make sure that the metal does not contain lead.

A natural, accessible material, especially its green shade looks attractive.

Dark working surface

The island in this photo is black. What attracted the owner? Affordable price, durability, style.

Recycled from waste, with an admixture of alloys, it is suitable for classical islands. What does not please – a limited color range, the main shades of which are green and blue.

Classical material used in both old and modern kitchens. It is inexpensive, warm to the touch, has antibacterial, antistatic properties. When installed, its edges are framed by metal or wood.

Linoleum is durable, easy to repair, it is possible to choose any color solution. The main drawback is that it deforms under the influence of high temperatures. A good choice for families with limited budgets.

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