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Impressive bathroom with a touch of bamboo (Arch-Interiors Design Group)

Visitors to the Interiors' Portal Rooms are already aware of the trends that have had the greatest impact on design in the last 12 months.

But, for those who only plan repair work, you need to plunge into the variety of interior options that will dominate the year just begun.

So, what awaits us in the sphere of the most popular ideas, if we are talking about the design of the bathroom in 2015 year?

As always, there is a line of traditional options that use separate baths, as well as showers and water-saving appliances, which have already become a trend of 2014 year.

Chandeliers from Tom Dixon in the bathroom (Webb & Brown-Neaves design)

But, today we will consider absolutely new four design ideas, which, for sure, will be the loudest this year.

Following the theme of luxury, rest and efficiency, they will be an organic continuation of ideas that have already gained popularity over the past few years.

In the Asian style of Zen-solitude

Our life becomes more and more tense every day, even, insane. Therefore, more often we are looking for ways to relax and get rid of all problems.

We need the moments that help to restore strength and rest. This idea is perfectly embodied by home spa-bathrooms, which have recently become very popular.

The whole world is spreading fashion for luxurious bathrooms in Asian style. Of course, this option is suitable for homeowners who do not stint on the interior of their own homes.

Inspired by classic Chinese and traditional Japanese design elements, these bathrooms will easily become hits of the season. Performed using natural materials, water objects and minimal aesthetics, such rooms, in fact, are ideal for a modern home.

Japanese version with a large deep bath (Harrell Remodeling)

In Asian style with a bamboo ceiling (James Patrick Walters)

Bathroom with a chic window (Jack 'N Tool Box)

Creative combination of Asian and Hawaiian styles (Smith Brothers)

A modern spa bathroom with a touch of chic and class (Leicht Küchen AG)

Natural and stable

Speaking of bathrooms with a soothing, natural atmosphere, the trends are directed to an environmentally friendly and sustainable design, which will be at its peak in 2015 year.

The use of natural materials, such as wood and bamboo, brings to the bathroom the heat, which is so lacking in modern interiors in the industrial style.

Since in such designs mostly white, gray and other neutral shades are used, then the blotches of natural elements are an effective contrast.

If you are ready for feats, you can think of a whole wall with beautiful natural decor. If you are looking for something simple, it is enough to add a few indoor plants or lianas in order to refresh the atmosphere of the room.

Green living wall for a modern bathroom (from Habitat Horticulture)

A mixture of contrasting textures (design Amelie de Gaulle Interiors)

If the vertical garden on the wall seems too fanciful and expensive, then you can consider the option of opening a view from the bathroom to the street greens. For those who have lush green plants outside the house, this task becomes even easier. Regardless of the style of the bathroom, you can always add a bit of nature.

Elegant and unique bathroom in industrial style (from KuDa Photography)

A magnificent natural landscape will add to the attraction of the premises (Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers)

The forest behind the window, like the aura of tranquility (FINNE Architects)

Wood brings natural heat to the bathroom (Mark Brand Architecture)

Diamond lighting

Light always plays a decisive role in shaping the final look and feel of almost any room in the house.

A feature of the lighting system in the bathrooms is that most lamps and luminaires are built into the wall, and you can not change them depending on the new fashion trends. It is recommended to choose traditional options that can be used for many years and remain relevant.

A stunning bathroom with unusual lighting (Douglas R. Schotland Architect)

LED strip in combination with mirrors (DKOR Interiors)

The use of LEDs is really safe. In addition, you can use such lighting complete with a large chandelier in the center, to form a truly impressive image of the room.

LED lighting brings a unique aura (Dumican Mosey Architects)

Glass sink with illumination (Keir Townsend)

The main bathroom with the "suspended in the air" bench (186 Lighting Design Group)

Sensation of heat

In recent years, severe winters have happened throughout the world. The more urgent are the ideas of installing warm floors in shower rooms and bathrooms.

Heated floor brings luxury to your room, and the heating elements can be extended under the tiles to the benches and towel dryers. In that case, you will never have to deal with cold feet.

Luxurious bathroom with heated floor (Megan Meyers Interiors)

Heated floors and LED lighting for a progressive room (Graf Developments)

Stylish bathroom with blotches of orange (Jody Brettkelly)

Heated floors bring to the comfort of a modern home (Domiteaux + Baggett Architects)

Progressive bathroom with warm surfaces (KBCD Developments)

You'll also enjoy:

Spa-style bathrooms – home spa

Brick walls in the bathroom – creative decoration of the room

Hot trends in bathroom design

Bathroom with a view of the mountains: alone with nature

Blue and yellow in the bathroom – a unique combination

Hot summer trend: the tropics in the bathroom

On such a bath you can only dream, the presented options are huge and luxurious. I liked the idea with a warm floor. After taking a shower, you really want to step on the floor and feel its warmth. A variant with herbs will bring to the bathroom a piece of nature and freshness. I think plants combined with Asian style will be an amazing option.

I really liked the bathrooms in the Asian style of Zen! I am delighted with the atmosphere that prevails in the premises.

I like that the bathrooms that are presented in the photo not only look terrific, but also have such modern attributes as heated floor and LED lighting.

Panoramic window, in my opinion, will transform any bathroom-room. And in combination with unusual lighting and furniture materials, everything will be at the highest level.

I noted for myself interesting variations of lighting in the bathroom. How beautiful is the bath with the illumination at the bottom.

Wonderful interiors of bathrooms, for every taste, color and style. I liked the idea with a whole wall of living decor.

The design of the bathroom, it turns out, can also be mesmerizing! How beautiful are the huge panoramic windows in the bathroom, overlooking the natural splendor! Uniting with nature is a great idea during bathing procedures! Well, the heated floor is an irreplaceable winter thing!

Welcome to the Design Room! Here you will find a collection of interiors of apartments and individual rooms. Start a journey around the world of design with us!

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