Fresh trends: creative strips in the interior of your kitchen


Innovative look at the strips in the interior of your kitchen

Several years ago, strips in the kitchen were considered irrelevant. Bright and colorful colors in the kitchen interiors were replaced with pastels or beige. However, modern designers have breathed new life into kitchen interiors with the help of striped decors. So, the strips are coming back!

Let's put the colorful accents

For some reason striped walls are considered more popular in bedrooms and living rooms than in kitchens. Perhaps, among all the variety of kitchen utensils, among the lockers and shelves, the uniqueness and contrast that the strips are called to carry into the interior is lost.

But if your kitchen furniture is made in white, then the strips are able to bring a highlight, dilute the paints with a rather monotonous interior. The more in neutral tones and minimal style your kitchen is designed, the more effect you will get from using strips.

Creative and bright striped accents on the walls of the kitchen

Beautiful strips of ceramic tiles

Kitchens and bathrooms allow to use such fine material as a tile. And what can be simpler than creating striped accents with the help of a material that has a geometric shape.

New solutions in the creation of kitchen interiors with the help of black and white tiles

Stylish strips in the decor

As a rule, to make repairs to the kitchen, you need to spend a lot of time and effort. If you are not ready for global changes, but want to revive the interior of your kitchen, then updating the decor – can be an excellent solution. New chairs, kitchen furniture or curtains in stripes are able to solve the task and make a note of novelty in the kitchen interior.

Dilute the kitchen interior with striped bar stools

Walls in stripes

Striped walls look fabulous in modern kitchen conditions. For those who prefer country, vintage, retro and traditional styles, it will be appropriate to decorate the kitchen walls with stripes. Perfectly match the stripes, selected in the tone of the main color of the kitchen interior.

Striped wallpaper creates a smooth background and lends volume to traditional cuisine

Unique floor and ceiling

Sometimes, too much attention is paid to the decor of the walls. Nevertheless, even your kitchen floor and ceiling can help you dilute the interior with strips. The ceiling of the wooden bars looks very harmonious. Add a plush carpet with colorful stripes to complete the composition.

The ceiling and carpet will add strips to this cute kitchen in a traditional style

Dancing Zigzags

At the end of the "striped theme" we offer you some unusual options for decorating your kitchen with striped ornaments.

Kitchen with chevron ornament of ceramic tiles

So, striped interiors can be quite diverse in style and form. If you like stripes in the kitchen interior, and you have fresh ideas and solutions, share with us!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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