Fireplace in the living room: stylish design solutions 2018


Today, the fireplace has long ceased to be used exclusively for heating the house. Modern design solutions in 2018 offer stunning ideas for the interior. The fireplace will fill the house with a calm and cozy atmosphere. Near it, you can arrange a beautiful recreation area by placing a compact sofa or a pair of armchairs.

Where to install?

  • The fireplace can be installed both on the inner wall and on the outside;
  • it is important to determine the location of the outlet of the chimney, because of this, the internal walls are not always suitable for installing a fireplace;
  • the placement of a fireplace on the outside wall will require the permission of the relevant authorities to bring the chimney to the street;
  • When installing a pipe in a wooden house, observe all fire safety measures.

Corner fireplace in the interior of the living room

The main advantage of corner fireplaces is the saving of living space, because corner seating usually takes up little space. Thanks to this, such a fireplace is ideal not only for large living rooms and halls, but also for a small study or bedroom.

Angular fireplaces are by design:

A symmetrical fireplace requires a certain arrangement of furniture and the placement of decor items. It will always be the central place in the room.

An asymmetric fireplace, as a rule, is an element of zoning in the interior. With its help, you can stylishly and effectively separate one functional area of ​​the room from the other. Of course, asymmetrical models of fireplaces are most often designed for fairly spacious rooms.

Fireplace in the living room of the apartment (electric, gas, falsh-fireplaces)

Electric fireplace in the living room

It is impossible to equip a wood burning fireplace in an apartment for technical reasons. But modern interior design is progressing, offering the inhabitants a wide range of absolutely safe for household appliances electric fireplaces. Their mobility does not tie to a stationary location, which is very convenient during repair work.

There is a large number of sizes, forms, producer countries themselves portals (outer shell) electric fireplace. The choice depends on your financial ability. For those who gravitate to everything natural, there are fireplaces that simulate a living flame, so much so that sometimes it is almost impossible to distinguish a real fireplace from an electric one.

Gas fireplace in the living room

Gas fireplaces from wood are distinguished by the technology of ignition and the maintenance of a temperature regime that can be regulated. An additional advantage (and for some, a drawback) is the lack of firewood.

False fireplace in the living room

False fireplace installation is an alternative for those who want to create a distinctive atmosphere in the living room with minimal cash costs. False-fireplaces perform exclusively decorative function. The construction of facing bricks, plasterboard, other materials, folded with their own hands, will be an excellent decoration of the room. By placing in the decorative fireplace beautifully folded firewood, elegant candles or favorite family photos, you will see how cozy and warm your heart will be.

Living room with fireplace: stylistic decoration

The most predictable, but no less relevant in 2018 year design of the living room with a fireplace – a classic. This style requires symmetry. Elegant sofas, stucco molding, chic chandelier on the ceiling will perfectly fit into the aristocratic interior. The bookcase, made of natural wood, will add a colorful accent to the general setting of the living room with a fireplace.

Modern living room with fireplace

Also now very popular design solutions for living rooms with a fireplace are such areas as loft, modern, high-tech, fusion, Provence, Scandinavian style. For the floor it is better to choose natural shades. A beautiful stylish carpet fits perfectly into the overall interior.

Living room with fireplace and TV

If you want to place the TV above the fireplace, it is important to follow several rules and consider the following:

  • fireplace and TV – elements that are always in sight and attract the attention of others;
  • It is important that the fireplace and the TV look harmonious on the general background of the living room;
  • pay attention to the size of the TV and fireplace. They should be approximately the same. A small fireplace will simply get lost on the background of a large screen, and vice versa, the out-of-the-box focus will attract your attention, distracting from watching TV.

Arguments that you should listen to

When planning the arrangement of a real fireplace with a chimney and firewood, remember that this is unsafe for electronics, since high temperatures adversely affect it. Some people try to hang the screen as high as possible for security reasons, but this is not very convenient for long viewing.

Another nuance – two contradictory dominants in the living room. This causes some imbalance, because one thing – for relaxation, the other – for entertainment.

If you still decided to combine the fireplace and TV, carefully consider the situation and all the details of the interior.

Small living room with fireplace

For small living rooms, the minimalist design is preferred. Simple shapes, strict lines, compact dimensions, pastel colors and a minimum of decorative details are exactly what you need for an exquisite laconic design of a small living room.

By the way, a neat angular fireplace is an excellent solution in this case.

Fireplaces in the living room of a private house and classic wood fireplaces

A classic wood-burning fireplace is a characteristic attribute of a luxurious country house or cottage that best conveys its color. Particular attention should be paid to the issue of equipping the chimney with a quality correct hood. In addition, such a stove-fireplace, provided that the waste heat is correctly arranged, will also partially heat the house.

Island fireplaces are located in the middle of the hall. As for heat transfer, this is the most profitable solution, but the practicality of this option depends on the size of the room and the compactness of the island's own fireplace. Therefore, it is usually installed in spacious rooms of private houses.

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