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Our today's discussion is devoted to the problem of organizing kitchen space. If a cardinal design change for one reason or another is not possible, the modernization of its individual components will be the optimal solution in this situation.

New, progressive ideas of experienced designers will help make kitchen cabinets as efficient as possible. Remember, in the old days all the furniture was standard, the shelves and drawers of the sets were located as it was convenient for manufacturers, but not for the housewives? In a tough market competition, companies specializing in designing and manufacturing kitchens have to be inventive, flexible and attentive to the needs of consumers.

The concept of life in the era of high technology prescribes to approach the arrangement of the kitchen interior creatively, so that work in its space would bring pleasure. You can upgrade the cabinet, taking care that the sections with doors and open shelves are combined in convenient proportions. Their dimensions and position in height are also calculated in accordance with individual preferences.

If we are talking about the storage of trays and serving dishes, the best option would be horizontal or vertical sections with doors. Such a solution is designed to provide not only comfort, but also security: objects placed in the upper compartment of the cabinet will not fall and, consequently, do not injure anyone. The compartments can be of different widths – for more and less deep utensils. This option is very simple, versatile and affordable.

If you want the products and kitchen accessories to be stored in an orderly and safe manner, there is no better place for them than a vertical rack. Each name has its own place, depending on the size and purpose.

White corner shelf

For relatively small containers, in which, for example, spices are stored, an additional compact foot module can be fitted to the table or inside the cabinet. This solution is aimed at the rational use of vertical space.

Modular rack for spices

For the storage of fresh vegetables are very often used baskets, but not always these baskets are retractable. Onions and potatoes are known to require good ventilation, which plastic containers can not guarantee. Equipment of the kitchen island with baskets with a sliding mechanism is the best solution to this problem. It will please any mistress.

These baskets are very eco-friendly, durable and, of course, beautiful

The drawer located in the cabinet that is under the hob can not be used in any other way except to store the seasonings. It is important that each capacity has its own place, so there is no way to do without special dividers.

All spices in one place and at hand

The standard depth of shelves is of the order of 60 centimeters. Small jars are very easily lost in them. And even if the depth of the cabinets is much smaller, it is advisable to place seasonings and spices on a special rack, attached to the inside surface of the door.

Such systems seem to us very convenient. Just open the door and take a quick look at the contents of the shelves – and the right product is found!

Practical mini-rack for seasonings and spices

The inventiveness of designers is no limit! What could be simpler and more practical than a similar pantry? The contents of the shelves designed specifically for this space are perfectly visible from all angles. Round rotating stands provide easy access to the right products.

Proven and reliable rotating trays and in the kitchen pantry there is an application

Often, in the process of using kitchen cabinets, it is found that there are no places for foil, food film, bakery paper and other similar necessities. Any hostess knows that without these invisible, but irreplaceable helpers in the kitchen simply can not do.

Do not get upset and settle for inconvenience! This minor omission is fairly easy to fix. It is enough to attach a suitable container to the inside surface of the cabinet door, which can be purchased in many stores.

Compact compartment for convenience can be equipped with separators

To fix on the cabinet door, on its inner side, the suspension basket, flat container or wooden stand is quite possible independently. A huge selection of devices presented on the market of this series will make it possible to cope with the task without difficulty.

Elegant shelf is made to order specifically for this headset

The presence of such shelves ensures maximum functionality of furniture. The more additional devices you can include in the interior of your kitchen, the more fun you will get the cooking process.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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