Fiery sunset in the elements of the kitchen interior – solid confidence of noble red color


Red is a signal color with a pronounced character. It is also believed that it arouses appetite. That's why well-known restaurants often use simple rules for the effects of shades on the psyche. Many people like it and would like to use it to decorate their homes.

However, it has a dynamic and somewhat exhilarating nature, and therefore is not very suitable for bedrooms or the design of cabinets in the house. But in the kitchen is quite appropriate.

Modern kitchen in red and white gloss

The popularity of red in the interior and decoration is constantly growing. This design attracts views and requires undivided attention to yourself. Initially used in utilitarian rooms, this juicy color has spread to residential objects, adding saturation and individuality.

There are many textures from shiny and smooth to matte, on which it looks great. It is worth taking into account and the combination with steel or a magnificent small mosaic, which gradually conquers the kitchen areas and the hearts of designers.

Modern design in tangerine tones

A bold solution for a small quadrature

Cherry set and silver island

You can add a scarlet color to the look of your stylish kitchen and without dramatic consequences. In advertising, there is a rule stating that red can take from 5 to 10% of the composition. This can be attributed to the design. Make a compact but bright accent, for example, an island. Red bar stools can be such an element. Especially they will look good against the white headset.

Classic island of cherry blossom

Tired of old wooden cabinets? Do not be afraid to take a brush! Noble wine shades will create a cozy atmosphere in the spirit of retro.

It is important not to overdo it: temperamental expressive kitchen furniture looks better on the canvas of a light wall, white, cream, beige and natural wood colors are perfect. Red and black are trendy. Combination with gray is fairly rare, but it looks very impressive. If you want to use two bright nuances, then add light green in small amounts on a neutral background.

Red apron and island as accents

The last trend was the mirror aluminum cabinets. They look innovative, with a touch of elegance and industrialism. It's very easy to take care of such boxes, and they also serve for a very long time.

Design with a dyed wood

A small mosaic in the kitchen in scarlet tones will add oriental notes to the interior. If you like red, do not be afraid to experiment with the design. Correctly selected materials will show the full potential of this color in any chosen style.

The atmosphere of the mid-twentieth century

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