Fashionable kitchen island or ordinary table – reflections on the principles of the correct construction of the working space


At present, the kitchen island in the dining areas is a multifunctional and convenient object. This is really a revolution for the kitchen – the connection of the surface for cooking and the ability to immediately eat a culinary masterpiece. At the same time, although the islands are not going to leave our premises, interest returns to modest dining tables.

For those who are considering the option of such a replacement, a team of specialists from HartmanBaldwin Design / Build will give some practical advice on this topic.

While most customers of this firm prefer to have a kitchen island, some families go the other way. For example, marketing director Karla Rodriguez talks about one of the client, an artist who wanted to install a large dining table in the kitchen to enjoy dinner parties with his family and guests, and also have a place for his art projects.

More space

Obviously, the island is irreplaceable in terms of preparatory functions, as it usually includes built-in household appliances, a sink, a dishwasher and a garbage disposal system. But if you are able to find a place to carry out these actions along the perimeter of space, then it is possible to refuse such placement of the table top.

Karla Rodriguez says that the company's designers knew that the large dimensions of the premises would provide enough working space. According to marketing coordinator Tim Campos, increasingly modern families are asking that the new design of the dining area include a large workplace for everyone.

The reason for these wishes is simple: the kitchen has become not just a cooking area, and customers need a territory that also involves solving everyday tasks, such as lessons, needlework and similar activities. Undoubtedly, the island will perfectly cope with this function, but many people like the warm home character of the table in the center of the room, which is perfectly combined with the style of the interior of the house.

Completing the image

This kitchen in Los Angeles needed the spirit of formality for dinner parties, so the design team gave it a refined elegance (including space for art), while not forgetting the comfort of all family members. A colorful concrete floor balances collectable items with built-in open shelves.

Concrete was chosen as a material for floor covering not by chance, because the family likes to walk barefoot, and it is so smooth and pleasant to the touch. Rodriguez added that the floor was decided to be supplemented with a beautiful carpet to soften the image of the kitchen a little and warm the feet of the hosts sitting at the central table.

Will you have enough space? Most people ask to change the kitchen table to the island, because they need additional storage systems. But if you decide to choose a different version of the environment, then make sure that you have enough space to accommodate all kitchen accessories.

In this kitchen, the dining table from Terra Amico, made from recycled wood, is located centrally. It fits perfectly with the six black ceramic chairs from Pottery Barn. A dark display cabinet housed almost all the utensils and cutlery, which used to be located in the countertop.

The absence of the island allows the kitchen space to be appreciated from any angle, and at the center there is an attractive dining table that attracts attention (as in the photo above). Look at the reconstruction of this room.

There is a great way to put a work surface in the kitchen, which turns into a dining room – put on the border of the confluence of two rooms a spacious dining table. Most of the islands can not accommodate a large number of guests at a meal.

But the antique table with bright vintage chairs, it works with ease. Dark wood perfectly contrasts with the white finish of the room, and modern stylish furniture perfectly in harmony with old objects, giving the room a unique charm.

How big should your table be? This is a very important issue. Try to avoid excesses that will take place, because the key factor in the design of this kind is the balance. Many dining tables are large in size to accommodate a large group of people. And this is something that the island can not do.

What kind of form do you choose? Round tables are suitable for close communication in a small company. But if the house is often gathered by numerous guests, then a rectangular or oval shape will do much better, because such tables are more roomy and allow you to sit comfortably.

This dining table, designed for convenient placement of six people, easily turns into a workplace, just remove the chairs.

Before buying or ordering a headset, think about how cabinets and appliances with doors, namely a refrigerator and a dishwasher, will be combined with a dining table and chairs when the doors are fully open

Light above the kitchen center

Just like the lighting above the island, the light above the central table is important: here it is necessary to create a warm and favorable atmosphere for dinner or a pleasant mood for a family holiday.

And now it's your turn: tell us how you gave up the island in favor of the kitchen table, and show the photo in the comments.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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