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We entered the new year, and new design trends have already appeared that quickly turn the kitchen into a flexible, fashionable space, bringing a sense of freedom. Most visitors to the resource Interior Kitchens certainly have a spacious place for cooking, but how to make it even more effective?

Let's consider some variants. Beautiful new ideas combine the flexibility of the design with the ergonomic intelligence of your kitchen, freeing up space for things. Create a space that will fit your taste, will become practical and will vary depending on the image of your life.

Wall boxes with a rich yellow color will be refreshed, wooden benches will make the kitchen more warm, balance this composition with low hanging lamps.

Appreciate how designers realize the idea of ​​a soft transition of the living room into the kitchen. It can be easily achieved with stylish cabinets. They are designed to make most of the vertical space available. A little serving rack will be an excellent place for breakfast or quick snacks.

The dark kitchen will be diluted with bright, saturated colors of boxes. Pay attention, how convenient are the working surfaces: opposite each other. Thus, they reduce the contamination site when cooking and reduce the number of movements during cooking. Therefore, compactly placed wall boxes, table top and household appliances look great in this corner.

The following image shows us the contrast of colors. The combination of light and dark always looks topical. The large work desk visually divides the kitchen into two parts, giving the two masters the opportunity to not interfere with each other.

You can use the bar in the design. They will visually separate the working part of the space from the dining room. They look very nice, fashionable and modern.

The organization and effectiveness have always been of paramount importance in the design. In a large kitchen cupboard with shelves, much more things will fit than on a flat surface. If you have free walls, use them to create additional shelves, in the kitchen there is no excess space. Elegant shelving will always look impressive and accommodate everything you want.

Welcome to our kitchen design resource! We created a collection of unusual and attractive kitchen interiors and decor ideas for decorating your home.

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