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Huge windows in kitchen interior design

The open design of the interior of a small kitchen is a guarantee of a pleasant start to the day. When, waking up with thoughts of work, you sit in the kitchen and enjoy a cup of invigorating coffee, what can be more beautiful than the bewitching view from the window? Whether it's a mountain landscape or a sea panorama with waves rushing about the shore – you will be in a great mood for the whole day.

Kitchen with huge windows, from which you can see any kind of natural object, is the dream of any mistress. And then it does not matter at all in what color and style the interior is decorated. The only thing that matters is a stunning landscape

View of the mountain peaks

The use of angled glazing in the kitchen design allows the inhabitants of the house to admire the view from the window and during meals, and during cooking.

The most common approach to decorating a kitchen with an open facade is the use of mostly light tones in its decoration that emphasize the elegance of the interior and make it visually more spacious.

White color in design

It is worth paying attention to beige tones, which are guaranteed to add to the premises of warmth and comfort. Using natural materials as a cladding will create the effect of merging the interior with the scenery outside the window.

Natural materials in the interior

Warm tones in the interior

Large windows do not impose a specific style on the designers and homeowners. Along with the classical approaches in design, more original variants are widely used. In particular, the retro and rural motifs are very popular today.

Extravagant interiors are often supplemented by such bold solutions as the installation of French doors. With them, any room becomes fashionable, original and modern.

Expensive kitchen furniture in luxurious classical design will give the interior a unique charm and uniqueness.

This way of decorating the outer wall is perfect for long rooms of rectangular shape. He guarantees the kitchen an abundance of natural light, and the inhabitants of the house – the opportunity to admire the sunrises and sunsets.

Design kitchen elongated shape

Making a rectangular room

Large windows will help visually increase the area of ​​small kitchens. This is certainly an advantageous solution for small rooms.

If the kitchen area adjoins the terrace or balcony, then the French-made glassed-in wall will be the ideal solution for such an interior.

Exit to the balcony

The use of marble and wood for facing the walls allows the room to look original and at the same time restrained. These are the materials, the combination of which can not fail to impress with its status.

Marble and wood

White kitchen – ideal for combination with panoramic glazing. Elegance and impeccability of such a design will not leave anyone indifferent. A variety of relevant options for kitchen furniture extends the possibilities in choosing a style.

Still thinking about how to design the original kitchen? Use the French windows, which will become a smart addition to the interior. Even if there is a small garden outside the window, and not an exotic landscape, such a kitchen will be the best source of morning cheerfulness and good mood.

A really fascinating kitchen interior, my heart began to beat more often when I saw a kitchen with a glass wall overlooking the ocean. Having looked at the photo I realized that I like the idea of ​​a glass wall in the decor of the kitchen interior.

What a beautiful interior design kitchen, but rather there are many, and they are all beautiful in their own way. I think that if you have such a beautiful view in front of your house, which you can only dream about, then do not make a kitchen with access to this very species, it will be wrong. After looking at such a picture from the window, you want to create culinary masterpieces.

Here it is the dream of any person – to wake up and find yourself in the kitchen sitting with a cup of fragrant coffee and look at the stunning view from the huge window. The open facade creates a sense of infinite space – it seems that you will make a step and you will find yourself somewhere on the sea or in nature. It's amazing that even an aggressive-red shade looks organically in this combination.

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