Exquisite interior of a home office in a marine style – ergonomics, luxury and internal discipline increase productivity


Harmony of rich color shades

This long, narrow room, formerly owned by the sea captain, made certain difficulties in the design of the home office. Designers were hired to create a home office for a family of five. What happened as a result – you can see the photos presented by the popular resource Interiors Rooms.

As the room is well lit, Chiappone suggested bringing dark, rich colors into the atmosphere. A sectional blue sofa was chosen, which perfectly combined with the walls and a coffee table made of glass, thanks to the transparency, it is completely undivided against the general background. The office in the marine style remained a historic place in the house where you can admire the lamps made of copper, original pillows and bamboo curtains.

Adding modern details to the antique interior

The sea style in the interior was complemented by low cabinets hiding computer equipment, a desk, a striped rug and mobile chairs. A small sofa, upholstered in blue cloth, is convenient for relaxing and watching movies on TV.

This zone is decorated with works of art leading to memories of the British colonies. Cozy soft chairs near the table with books beckon to sit down and relax.

Mat: brought from the island of Barrier Islands.

By photo materials Nat Rea

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