Expressive rainbow of colorful kitchen accessories – add life to the boring interior with bright and functional objects!


Does your kitchen feel gray and boring? So you need to place bright decor elements in the kitchen. Buy those that do not change the decoration of the interior, but will revive it with their cheerful, saturated colors. Here are examples of some of them.

Casseroles of crimson color – a colorful spot among light objects. It's not accidental here, but for a greater expression left a vase with oranges and a plate with green pears.

Incredibly, but a few colorful pans or other containers can revitalize the neutral toned background of all furniture.

Kitchen accessories include a whole set of nice-looking pots. The hob or oven with a high temperature does not spoil their appearance.

A bright orange coffee machine, as a beacon, which shows the way to caffeine bliss, got out of bed for a half-sleepy man.

The owner likes the game with the arrangement of brightly colored accessories of his kitchen.

Mixers come in a variety of colors, which greatly complicates the choice of this device.

The bright yellow acrylic tops match the color of the pan on the hob.

If you like the bright color, but you love the white tabletop, then its pale surface can be revived with any colored cooking utensils or ripe fruit on a plate.

Modern kitchen can not do without a kettle. When it is brightly colored and stands on the stove, the color scheme of the room will inevitably be supplemented with its color.

The intense blue color of the mixer harmonizes with the light cold tone of the kitchen apron tile.

The blue color of the colorful ornament complements the kettle on the stove and the base of the wooden countertop.

It is important for cooks to quality frying pans, pots and pans. But they like it when all this utensils are attractive in color.

How many colorful accessories in this room! Household kitchen appliances of different colors on the background of a dark brick wall creates a kind of coziness.

If the purchase of a mixer or a coffee maker is not foreseen in the near future, the kitchen space can be enlivened with a set of colorful bowls on an open shelf.

Colored lattes for lattes should not be hidden in a closet. They in no way can spoil the color range of the kitchen.

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