Examples of the use of cutting boards in kitchen interiors – cozy and touching


Today we will talk about kitchen cutting boards. This durable tool can, according to designer Eric Rauser, tell the whole story of the family.

Without a cutting board, it will be difficult to cook food, but apart from that, it fits perfectly into the modern kitchen design. Today it can be both separate and built-in countertop. Some of the options you see in the photos and, perhaps, you like them.

This cutting board resembles the letter Z. Its warm color creates an interesting contrast with the cool shade of the countertop. The bead allows you to cook neatly, the products can easily be brushed into the bowl, thanks to the fact that the board is fixed on the edge of the table.

Arrange kitchen accessories in a logical order, and cook food will be much faster. First the apron of the sink, then the cutting board built into the countertop, then the hob.

Tip: designer Eric Rauser recommends after use the wooden surface to clean with vegetable oil, mixed with citrus.

In the kitchen designer Robin Amorello roll out the dough for pies, shred vegetables can be on a wooden table top, but an additional cutting board will never hurt.

A dark tree in the interior of modern cuisine creates a cosiness and looks very attractive. The sliding chopping block makes the working surface of the countertop bigger, prolonging its service life. At the same time, the style of the interior is not violated.

A wide panel of 10 cm thick, located next to the sink allows during the holidays to work side by side two cooks.

Tip: The best material of the countertop is solid wood that can not be damaged even by sharp knives.

These two kitchen islands look the same at first glance. But on closer examination they are of different sizes and perform different functions. In the foreground is a light worktop with a dark cutting board near the sink. On the second floor there is a table for making drinks at the bar counter.

Designer Mikal Otten emphasizes that the two islands fit well in the interior, but each has its own purpose.

Tip: The organization of space will be optimal if some tools are hung on the wall as functional decorations. Practical convenience – they are available at arm's length.

Combined sink and cutting board allow you to quickly and conveniently wash, clean and grind foods.

The removable boards on both sides of the hob help to save space in the kitchen. When you do not need to do anything, this space can be used for other purposes.

On holidays, any house will benefit from the use of this mobile nightstand. It is adapted for cutting meat, vegetables, fruits and can move to any place. And then it is easy to return under the table top to the wall.

Tip: In the built-in top drawer of this mobile locker it is convenient to store knives, which are often used.

The area of ​​the kitchen island is doubled due to a large wooden countertop. While dinner is being prepared, there is a place where, in anticipation of it, the family can sit, chat, and drink wine.

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