Even a small bathroom can be made beautiful – practical recommendations for economy-format


If in the next topic we dream about large bathrooms, then in this we will return to reality and think about how it is possible to organize space in standard rooms, so that harmoniously combine the maximum functionality and beauty.

In an ordinary apartment – this is a tiny room. And in order to turn it into a room where you can relax and recover, you must first of all adhere to only one main principle: there is not a single superfluous object around.

For example, I'm a supporter of carrying a washing machine and integrating it into kitchen furniture. After all, it takes quite a lot of space, even if it has an "economy-format".

Rules for the design of small spaces:

  • the main color of the walls is light;
  • facing large tiles will expand the space (the smaller the smaller lines – the better)
  • laid diagonally on the floor, it will visually increase the room
  • shelves for the necessary small things it is better to choose glass
  • mirror surfaces will reflect light and visually increase the area.

And now some examples, so that you yourself can make sure that even such a "corner" can be cozy and comfortable.

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Good examples of what you can do in a small square is a masterpiece. Wonderful bathrooms, which can easily be implemented in our standard apartments.

Many thanks for the recommendations, because our bathroom is just not that big. I took notes on some points.

Very impressed with the option of registration on 2 photo. Stylishly, transparently everything is thought out and compactly arranged. The rest of the options are also wonderful.

You need to send a link to all your friends. Just our typical bathrooms. The advice is useful to many, I'm sure.

Just the option that will suit many. Some elements are worth remembering, because on the nose repair and want something new.

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