European kitchen design in eclectic style – a reasonable compromise between kitchen cabinets and open shelves


How to organize storage in the kitchen? After all, the absence of hanging cabinets has such an impact on the overall appearance of the kitchen, that it never ceases to amaze me. Often, when I like the kitchen on an intuitive level, it turns out that there are no wall boxes in it. I'm not a minimalist to completely get rid of them.

But I am a designer of kitchen interiors, and I also cook and have in the kitchen a lot of utensils, which must be stored somewhere. There are many ways to get an open kitchen, typical for the European style, without giving up on the cabinets, but this is the way of compromises. Here are a few ideas for visitors to kitchensinteriors.

Put the tile to the ceiling and stay away from the temptation to add hanging cabinets. The interior in eclectic style in this kitchen is amazing. Rustic elements such as wooden ceiling beams, combined with a more elegant marble and industrial stainless steel style, bring texture into the space and are of interest.

Open shelves can take the place of wall boxes, but let's be honest – they are not suitable for the kitchen, if you do not want to wipe the dust off them daily. They can not be an ideal place for storage, but, nevertheless, they influence the appearance of the kitchen!

Here's a great option for wall finishing. If you can not abandon the hanging cabinets, hang them on one side, and on the other, put the tile to the ceiling.

Arrange the kitchen accessories behind the glass doors of the cabinets. Do not be afraid to exhibit inappropriate dishes, all these are necessary items that create a kitchen.

The picture also presents a good example of a modern approach: the installation of cabinets on one wall. The combination of metal finishes and lamps is a good way to achieve the effect of a European eclectic look.

The latest trends are aimed at destroying the walls and opening the kitchen. But if you have the opportunity, why not consider the organization of the space arrangement of the pantry? It will provide the necessary storage space that you lose by discarding the hinged cabinets.

If you have very little space, use stylish furniture up to the ceiling on one wall.

Tip: group high kitchen cabinets with each other. The installation of such cabinets in different places can have a negative effect.

Create a sense of spaciousness with an open island. You will have to abandon the closed storage that furniture cabinets offer, but you can not deny the impact on the overall appearance.

This elegant modern kitchen has a design well known to many manufacturers. All cabinets furniture – the bottom, just different heights. I think this style was the beginning of the fact that many walls in old houses are not perfectly even.

Rebekah Zaveloff shared with us tips on how to open the space, while retaining the ability to store all kinds of accessories.

Welcome to our kitchen design resource! We created a collection of unusual and attractive kitchen interiors and decor ideas for decorating your home.

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