Ergonomics of the kitchen interior: ideas that transform space


Today we invite you to discuss the ergonomics of the kitchen – a topic that has been widely discussed in recent years in the circles of professional designers and homeowners. Despite advances in progress, work in the kitchen still relies heavily on manual labor. As some studies show, with irrational and impractical organization of the interior, the total distance that the hostess overcomes during the day can be several kilometers, and due to constant returns to the work area, too.

Preparation of food in this case will turn into exhausting many-hour procedure. Meanwhile, modern design techniques relating to the organization of the kitchen space, can significantly save time and facilitate routine work. Simply put, if you want to improve the efficiency of the interior, make the right decision as to what its layout should be.

In the main zone, it is assumed that there are working surfaces for cooking food and components for storing things. Its area should be from 4 to 7 sq. M. m.

Properly selected furniture for the kitchen will help to solve a significant part of the problems associated with a lack of square meters and space flaws. Elements, which can not be dispensed with in a compact interior, are high cabinets that can accommodate an impressive volume of various accessories, dishes and products.

The island as an important component of the modern kitchen environment deserves that every detail of its design was carefully thought out twice.

At its designing it is necessary to give preference to precise outlines, laconic design and multipurpose elements.

Remember that the main motive that you should follow when starting to develop a kitchen interior is to create an image that combines practicality, comfort and simplicity.

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