Ergonomic design of the working area of ​​the kitchen: 11 ideas for optimizing the space


A stylish design of the working area of ​​the kitchen, which you can create with your own hands

Have you decided to start the long-awaited repair or change the design of the kitchen work area? Meet the simple tips of experienced designers to optimize the kitchen space.

Accurate table tops and panels

Many designers offer to decorate the refrigerator with side panels. Note that the width of the countertop and the panels should be the same. So the kitchen will look more neat.

A discreet design of the working kitchen area: the refrigerator is hidden behind a panel of wood

Built-in can be not only refrigerators, but also ovens and microwave ovens. Build them not at the usual level at the floor, but in a high cabinet – so much more convenient to cook.

High and deep cabinets with built-in ovens in the kitchen interior

Functional storage

Pull-out cabinets are an ideal solution for cereals, spices and other non-perishable products.

Retractable shelves. They are convenient because instead of the entire cabinet, you are pushing the shelf that you need.

A compartment for oils and sauces will also help keep everything in order. In addition, they will be at hand when preparing food.

Another convenient way to optimize kitchen utensils is to add shelves to cabinets and dividers into drawers.

Additional shelves and dividers

Multilevel dividers in a drawer with cutlery

Convenient shells

The sink in the center of the kitchen island is not the most usual solution. But this way it will always be in the access zone.

Functional kitchen island with sink

Many make the mistake of placing the dishwasher immediately next to the sink. Because of this, it is not very convenient to load dishes from the sink. Leave a small cupboard between them. Then you will have much more space.

Convenient shell location

As you could learn from our article, the modern design of the kitchen can be not only beautiful, but also functional. Will you take advice from designers?

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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