An emerald green sofa creates a bold focal point in your living room. It can be softened by adding natural materials such as a long pile wool rug and soft wooden furniture. Plants and textured cushions also help to soften the look. These accents bring the room together.

emerald green sofa

An emerald green sofa is a striking centerpiece for a living room. This vibrant shade can be paired with other bright colours to create a stunning contrast. Try a peppy yellow or a vibrant cerise to create a vibrant scheme. The sofa also looks great against a blue or black accent wall.

A couch in this striking hue should be paired with softer shades of green. A long pile wool rug and natural materials can help soften the bold green color. Plants will also add a soft touch to the room.

Mid-century modern

An emerald green sofa is an ideal focal point in a mid-century modern room. It’s a jewel-like shade and can be complemented by a range of other shades. Pink, gold, black, and a touch of white all help make the room appear lighter. Light-coloured walls and a matching wall draw the eye upwards, making the room feel fresh and uncluttered.

This emerald green sofa has a sleek design and is an ideal choice for mid-century modern, loft, or boho decor. The sofa is scotch-guarded to prevent fading and is available in several sizes and colors. The low arms and conical legs make it a comfortable place to lounge.

Industrial style

If you want a dramatic and bold look, consider an emerald green sofa. Pair this vivid color with white walls and curtains and add a black and white rug to complete the look. Buying an emerald green sofa from an online store like Amazon will make your living room look fresh and full of energy.

Besides using an emerald green sofa as an anchor, you can also pair it with bright colours, such as vivid cerise or peppy yellow. A green sofa also works well with accessories in blue.

Matching drapes

The emerald green sofa is a bold and beautiful color that can add drama to a living room. You can create a dramatic look by combining the couch with white walls and nature-themed art. The green accent will look even more striking when paired with natural materials like wood or tan.

To balance the formality of a green couch, you can add plants. The vibrant foliage of these plants will complement the green sofa, while also creating a calming environment. In contrast to green’s natural warmth, it also stands out against other colors, so you should consider using bold black and white patterns to add contrast.

Dark green walls

Adding a green sofa to your living room can give you a fun, unique look. However, if you don’t have the money to paint the whole room, you can always use a light shade of the color as an accent wall. Here are some great ideas for incorporating this color in your living room.

To make your emerald green sofa pop, add a dark blue velvet chair. This will make the sofa seem more dramatic. In addition, gold lighting will add the perfect amount of light to your room. The colour combination of green and gold is exotic and adds a dazzling look to the room.


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