Elements of kitchen design from metal – practical attributes of modern interiors


Any elements of kitchen design from metal are able to add to the interior a bit of chic and modern shine?

However, the use of household appliances from stainless steel is not the only way to try on the kitchen metal outfit!

Today we will share a few wonderful ideas for interior design.

These options are suitable for those who do not plan to carry out grandiose repairs, and is going to use only a few strokes to significantly update the podnadoevshuyu situation.

Stainless steel surfaces

There is nothing more attractive and surprising than the kitchen fully clad in stainless steel plates. And here opens a huge space for creativity.

You can transform everything: a refrigerator, a gas stove, a dishwasher and even cupboards and shelves. Your kitchen will be so shiny, smooth and elegant that you will want to return to it again and again.

Design idea FORMA Design

Another option with metal furniture and equipment. At this time, the decor is skillfully, inscribed in an unusual "industrial" interior. Steel surfaces favorably played against the background of a cold and matte concrete wall.

Design Idea Port + Quarter

It is not necessary to understand the idea so literally, and to transform the entire interior. It is enough to add a few key points, and these accents will attract due attention.

Design Idea AMI Design

Another way to bring noble sparkle into your kitchen is to use metal as a material for the countertop. But this does not mean that you need to buy a new one, you can transform the old one by painting it with silver or any other metallic paint.

Add a little bit of shine to the kitchen, modern technology or furniture will help. Most kitchen and cutlery are now made to match the color of chrome or silver, you can get a similar oven, dishwasher or fridge.

Blue Sound Constuction Design Idea

Metal furniture

From the glittering surfaces, we turn to furniture from solid pieces of metal. Even such a seemingly ordinary but very necessary item as a kitchen or dining table can be turned into a stylish and fashionable accessory.

It is enough only that it rashly stood out against the background of the interior, like this one from Eminent Interior Design.

Design idea Eminent Interior Design

Another design with a table in stainless steel. This time he is given special attention, and he is the center of the composition. Its shiny and smooth forms give the kitchen a special modern shade.

Design idea Eminent Interior Design

You can experiment not only with tables, the course should go all the furniture of the kitchen! These aluminum chairs from Emeco – combine the ultramodern style and "industrial" motifs of the old factory.

Design Idea Uncommon Common Law / Photo Becky Peckham

Metal accents and accessories

Do not forget that small things also mean a lot. If you are not ready for radical changes and innovation, make a variety with a small metallic accessory. For example, this chromed mixer from ExpressDecor.com will help add a bit of luster to your kitchen.

Lighting in the kitchen using metal accents is very beneficial for any type of room. Since it is very simple and inexpensive, besides the shiny surface reflects the light well, creating an unusual atmosphere.

Design Idea Thomas Lawton Architect

Continuing the theme of lighting for the kitchen, let's turn to more luxurious models in vintage style. Their unusual design evokes the nostalgic notes of an old cozy cafe. And the light of the lamps, makes the metal appliances sparkle, I fill the room with flicker and chic!

Great Neighborhood Homes Design Idea

Do not limit yourself to a narrow range of hues, in addition to chrome, silver and steel there is a mass of rich metallic colors. For example, a noble bronze or copper, too, can look favorably against the background of a snow-white kitchen and be combined with dark walnut furniture.

We pass to the dishes and small accessories. Do not forget that even the most beautiful things should be still very functional. These stunning canisters made of metal not only create a symmetry effect, but also give the kitchen a modern touch, thanks to a fashionable, narrow, cylindrical shape.

Fougeron Architecture design idea

If you want to use metal decor to give retro touches to your culinary space. That idea of ​​a relief flap from StainlessLiving.com will have to come in handy.

A silver shade and a simple geometric pattern, recall memories of a small bistro in a nearby street.

Continuing the idea of ​​containers for food storage, I want to present you a set of jars for spices from Nouvelle Cuisine. Even such a small stroke, gives the general appearance a little refinement and extravagance.

Nouvelle Cuisine Design Idea

The interior of this kitchen is very delicately emphasized with profitable accessories. Each thing has its own strictly reserved place, and only in general form they give such an amazing picture.

The design would not be so magnificent, without this stand for cutlery and accessories, harmoniously combined with the stove and extractor.

Design idea Eminent Interior Design

Finish your list with a stylish and brilliant teapot. It is not necessary to use it, it can be anything, and a small pot, and a coffee pot, or in general a vase for fruit. Just diversify your dishes with these things, and the kitchen will acquire a completely different look.

Design idea Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Decide for yourself whether you will radically change the design of your kitchen or just get a couple of accessories.

In any case, share your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

After reading the title of the article, I thought that it would be about the interiors of the kitchen in high-tech style, because the metal surfaces harmoniously fit only into this style. But after reading the article, I realized that bronze and copper surfaces perfectly fit into interiors in the style of country, classics and any other. Thanks for the informative article!

It turns out so easy to add a little elegance to the design of the kitchen, adding a bit of metal. It is not necessary to make a completely kitchen of metal. It is enough to install a metal kettle or household appliances, and the room will play in a new way. What pleased me with the article was that not only expensive update examples, such as the purchase of expensive equipment, but simple and accessible to everyone – metal chandeliers and various accessories are given.

Separate elements of kitchen appliances from stainless steel are already quite firmly in use. Their presence in the kitchen space, of course, does not go unnoticed. I would never have thought how the kitchen, completely painted in metallic color, would be transformed. I noticed how the compositions of natural flowers with their natural tenderness are emphasized by the graceful shine of metal.

I also have all the domestic appliances in stainless steel in the kitchen, and I liked the idea of ​​supporting the interior design by adding metal accessories, for example, a stand for kitchen utensils!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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