Elegant shelves in the kitchen of stainless steel – a stylish solution for the interior


Have you ever thought about choosing shelves in a stainless steel kitchen? Today we will look at several different options for such racks, investigate where they will look best, and also see how steel shelves with utensils or decorative trinkets can complement the design of the kitchen. Ready for shine?


There are many options for steel racks, so you can choose long. Let’s look at some of them, focusing on wall shelves. Very popular are floating shelves, which, thanks to hidden attachments, seem to float in the air. They not only look easy – they are very easy to install. Floating shelves of any kitchen will make modern and stylish.

In fact, this is the ideal choice if you have modern kitchen, especially if it is decorated in white.

Do you want to buy such racks? They can be found in many stores, for example, Etsy and IKEA, including the Internet, in general, in all outlets that specialize in the sale of furniture and household goods.

Floating shelves (as well as other shelving options) can be chosen according to the size of your kitchen. The shelves are of different thicknesses, there are even ultra-thick ones, as in this photo.

Some shelves are specially designed for placement in the corners of the room. Light steel fasteners revive the interior – as, for example, in this kitchen in Seattle, decorated in the style of Provence.

Here is another corner rack that maximizes space and provides a great place where you can place beautiful dishes, home decor or glassware.

To create a unique image, use shelves made of steel planochek. Look at this modern Chicago kitchenette – in combination with antique bobbins and copper plates such shelves look simply unforgettable!

Wall sieve shelves give the kitchen an industrial touch. In addition, they are extremely convenient – for dishes, and for decorative objects.

By the way, steel shelves should not be expensive at all! Retailers such as IKEA offer many options, such as EKBY MOSSBY. The lattice shelf in this picture is just from IKEA. Open shelves – this is an excellent solution for storing dishes, especially in a small kitchenette.

Not all racks of stainless steel are attached to the walls. Some models can be installed on worktops or other surfaces. Look at these two-level shelves – by the way, they can be put not only in the kitchen!

We fill the shelves

Open, floating, rack, corner, desktop . Now that you know all the options, it’s time to learn how and how to fill them. From ancient kitchen tools and a collection of plugs to beautiful plates and cups – any kitchen decoration will shine on steel shelves. Not to mention the fact that they stand out nicely against the background of the wallpaper, as in this picture.

Try to hang the shelves on the brightly painted walls. And then arrange on the shelves of colorful dishes. They will look great also in case kitchen white classic – photo it confirms.

An interesting impression is created by objects of the same color, placed on the shelves, – as, for example, these jars with pasta of a warm yellow hue. Wooden decoration also helps to create a warm atmosphere.

The combination of metals is another fashion trend. For example, copper pots on steel shelves look unusual and stylish.

To give the atmosphere of lightness can be the original way – to place white dishes in white kitchen on steel shelves. The result will be a neat, invigorating interior, which is simply created for culinary creativity! The bottles of San Pellegrino are another stylish touch.

In this kitchen, stainless steel racks and square wall tiles are perfectly matched. They look fashionable, functional and colorful – thanks to the original objects, among which bright circles and even lemons. Note how other steel items, such as a dish hanger, resonate with the sheen of the rack.

Ready to add a little bit of shine to your kitchen? Hopefully this article has given you inspiration!

Always attracted the color of metal. Really liked the idea of ​​Leo Designs, the kitchen looks very harmonious and, let me say, even futuristic, which is definitely in my taste! Struck also ideas like Gaspar`s Construction and Fivecat Studio, how everything is well thought out and combined, despite this difference in styles. But the kitchen from IKEA on the contrary seemed excessively overloaded.

The use of metals in equipping and decorating the kitchen has long been for everyone not uncommon. However, the examples of kitchen design given in the article are real works of art. Look incredible! Modern, stylish, practical, harmonious.

Open shelves or full racks are convenient for storing various kinds of items in the kitchen. Stainless steel shelves are more practical, as they are durable, do not rust and are easy to clean. Not necessarily they should be in sight, they can be used in hidden storage systems.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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