Elegant kitchen design as the embodiment of a lifestyle: do not be afraid to show individuality


Is the kitchen the most important room of the house today? We decided to search for the answer by talking with decorators, kitchen designers, architects, realtors, editors, and also friends from the sphere of design business.

Our interlocutors suggest that the kitchen space, regardless of its size, large or small, serves as the center of attention for the entire dwelling. And we must believe that this is a true statement. The place where food is created, feeds the bodies, minds and souls of friends, and with them, families around the world. Some say that life is born in the bedroom, but it is in the kitchen. Someone is inclined to agree with these words, others – no.

Lifestyle influence

The great importance of this room seems to depend on the size of the kitchen, family, and lifestyle of the owners. In older houses they were smaller, separated and removed from the rest of the living space. It was considered an area used solely for cooking, which could be closed to conceal the mess.

Family and friends, as a rule, ate and moved to the rooms that were nearby. In the past, the living rooms attached more importance, and the kitchen and dining room in the house were considered a functional and practical place.

Kitchens for Life

We all have memories of our mothers (sometimes about fathers or both parents) constantly cooking delicious dishes in the kitchen. In some families, children are told to stay out of the flexible working space so that the mother can safely farm.

But at the same time, there are houses in which all members of the family take part in mastering the art of cooking, especially on holidays. Kitchens are rooms filled with energy, aromas and a special atmosphere. They were created, first of all, as a practical place, but with a view to remain in memory.

The kitchen was not always the place where the whole family gathered

In large or medium-sized houses, these rooms were designed to be spacious enough, suggesting that they would make a table, beyond which the whole family could fit in at breakfast, lunch or tea time. Holiday dinners were usually held in the dining room at the end of the day.

For the past generations, home practices or simply dinners were more significant than now. Perhaps because modern life dictates its rules, and today the person is much more busy than in the old days.

Kitchen – new living room

During the last 20 years, the kitchens have begun to become residential areas where people spend a lot of time, and not only cook. Modern houses differ in that they are initially developed with large kitchens to better accommodate family and friends. Many kitchens have a through-plan layout, combining several entrances to other rooms.

Much more attention now is paid to the design of interior design and functionality. The idea of ​​the kitchen as a living space is becoming more popular. As a result, homeowners began to modify and increase their space to follow trends.

Importance of kitchen size today

At present, a good size of productive kitchen is very important. According to estate agents, the most significant room in the house should be large and roomy. Resale of a house depends more on what kind of kitchen it is. Its location and functionality are key points.

Old options should look newer, more optimized and more modern. In order to resell, sellers need to take care of interesting accessories for the interior, paint and appliances, in order to sell quickly and profitably. Many buyers, considering an old fund with a smaller kitchen, immediately study the possibilities of reconstruction and redevelopment.

Living room and dining room today

In recent years, attention is increasingly focused on the kitchen space, rather than on living rooms and dining rooms. Particularly interested in the layout of the room, its design and functionality. But among us there are still people who will prove that their living room and dining room are of great importance, despite the fact that they use them only a couple of times a year. Again, it all depends on people's way of life.

The kitchen today is more than the kitchen

At present, the cooking room is a whole family living space. And there are several variants of such spaces. There is a kitchen, designated as a place only for cooking. They are, as a rule, carefully thought out and planned.

It happens that the kitchen is combined with the dining room. This is done to expand the layout, so that you can fit a large table, designed for a company of 6 people and more. That the whole family could come together, cooking, working or resting.

Many new houses are built without a dining room and formal living space, as their owners are constantly on the road. There are those who like to have fun, and even if their apartment has a living room, the company prefers to gather in the kitchen.

Size matters

The dimensions of the kitchen really make sense. Those who have rather modest rooms, do not consider this room the main and most necessary, but the reverse category, with spacious kitchens, a different opinion on this matter. For them it is not just one of the rooms in the house, but the most important and significant place with its interior, decorating techniques and atmosphere.

Also, people's way of life has a great influence on their opinion on this issue. Many prepare with interest, enjoy this process, attract all members of the family to it, pass on from generation to generation recipes, observe traditions. Cooking and eating in their lives play a big role.

Such families, irrespective of the size of the area of ​​the favorite place in the house, are deeply convinced that cooking with the child or the entire family of relatives is not an empty occupation, but an important moment in the family life.

The kitchen is in constant development

Builders, architects, designers and real estate agents – all recognize that the production process does not stand still, kitchen functionality and design are constantly changing, complemented, transformed. Household appliances, from refrigerators to dishwashers, are also being modernized, improved. New products, concepts and options appear on the market of home interior items every year.

In the production of kitchens, recently, more and more often began to use environmentally friendly materials and products completely safe for the environment. For example, in the UK modern cooking rooms are designed taking into account the fact that garbage will necessarily be compressed, this is required by the current order of their country.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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